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Synonyms for distil

Synonyms for distil

undergo condensation

extract by the process of distillation

undergo the process of distillation

give off (a liquid)

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Beefeater 24--Created by renowned master distiller, Desmond Payne, Beefeater 24 is distilled with a unique blend of 12 hand-selected botanicals, an aromatic mix that features Seville oranges, grapefruit peels and Chinese green and Japanese sencha teas.
Aviation American Gin--Handcrafted at the House Spirits Distillery in Portland, OR, Aviation is a small batch artisanal gin distilled on a base of neutral rye spirits and infused with 7 botanicals, a mix that includes lavender, cardamom and sarsaparilla.
For the longest time, Kentucky and Tennessee have been the states that have had bragging rights on distilled spirits," Van de Putte said.
Hanson's Handmade Vodka (California, distilled from grapes)
The distilled spirits industry is embracing new technologies to save energy, improve efficiencies, and protect the environment.
Mix one teaspoon Calendula tincture with half a teaspoon sea salt and one cup distilled water.
Blanche d'armagnac (white spirit) is the distilled spirit with no aging.
Touted by some as water's purest form, distilled water is produced by condensing steam from boiled water back into its liquid state.
Consequently, it pours Bud and Michelob on draft, sells OB and Hite Korean beers in large bottles and also has bottled Sam Adams, Bud and Coors and a few variations of Korean soju, a beverage distilled from sweet potatoes.
said Friday it will recall some 30,000 bottles of ''shochu'' distilled spirit products due to mislabeling.
Distilled sprits emerged from the back hills, bathtubs, and back alleys of New York.
The bark will be used as fuel to fire a boiler that will produce distilled water free of impurities.
A population that had long consumed large quantities of beer turned with a sudden vengeance to imbibing distilled alcohol, increasing its intake to a level unsurpassed in modem times.
Le-Nature put the unit to work, using it to produce 16,000 gallons a day of distilled water which is bottled alongside other branded beverages.
5%, 3%, 6%, and 12% solutions of hydrogen peroxide for the treatments and distilled water for the control.