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Synonyms for distil

Synonyms for distil

undergo condensation

extract by the process of distillation

undergo the process of distillation

give off (a liquid)

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One more time, we can say that complex distillation sequence offers better conditioning properties against model uncertainties and process disturbances than the conventional columns.
CS-4 arrangement present higher values of the minimum singular value and lower condition number for the whole frequency range; therefore, it can be expected that CS-4 system exhibit better control properties than the other sequence under feedback control and it is better conditioned to the effect of disturbances than the other distillation scheme.
According to previous studies in thermally coupled distillation sequences (Cardenas et al.
The integrated distillation sequence gives an IAE value of 2.
In general, the dynamic responses of TCDS options can be better in comparison to the conventional distillation sequences.
An analysis on control properties of four-coupled distillation sequences that arise from modifications to conventional sequences for the distillation of five-component mixtures has been presented.
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