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a purified liquid produced by condensation from a vapor during distilling


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Following closing of the transaction, Sprague will own the largest distillate tankage position in the area, supplying heating oil, diesel fuel and kerosene into regions not served by its existing network of deep water terminals on the coast.
Distillate production in April fell from the prior year to the lowest April output level in three years.
The problem at the moment is with surging demand for gasoline in the US as well as a number of other countries, including India, while demand for distillate and other products is growing far more slowly.
39/mt between front-month Singapore swaps and second-month ICE low sulfur gasoil futures last week, opening the arbitrage for moving distillate cargoes west.
The three new refineries will add a total of 260 tbpd of light distillate capacity from 2014-2020, but demand will grow by a total of 330 tbpd during the same period.
Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve classified as ultra-low sulfur distillate (15 parts per million) Terminal Operator Location Thousand Barrels Buckeye Partners LP Groton, CT 500 * Global Companies LLC Revere, MA 500 * * NEHHOR was converted from high sulfur heating oil to ultra-low sulfur distillate (15 parts per million).
The Local Legend contains 60ml of Langley's No8, 25ml of fresh lemon, 15ml of local honey, 5ml of cane syrup, two drops of cream distillate, two drops of English toffee distillate, three drops of custard distillate and a dash of Tahitian vanilla extract.
NAP delivers some 18m gallons of retail propane, 8m gallons of wholesale propane and 10m gallons of distillate to more than 50,000 clients annually.
In the Asian/Pacific market, distillates are relatively firm; and the approaching winter in north-eastern Asia is prompting refiners to focus on kerosine as heating fuel for Japan and South Korea.
Treatt, the world-leading independent flavour ingredient supplier, has expanded its portfolio of FTNF (From the Named Food) clear distillates with the addition of Ginger Treattarome[TM] 9745.
Although gasoline demand remained depressed, distillate demand which tends to track economic output closely improved in both the first half of the year and for June, API said.
In order to deepen the degree of heteroatoms' removal and to get a high-quality product, the diesel distillate (200-360 [degrees]C) of Fushun shale oil was chosen for catalytic hydrotreating in this work.
Our analysis suggests that market leadership has shifted from crude to products in the last year, and that tightening gasoline and distillate spreads are causing WTI and Brent timespreads.
This 100% natural and FTNF (From the Named Food) clear distillate gives an authentic and well rounded apricot flavour to a variety of food and beverage applications.
Oil prices have rallied on concerns about global distillate supplies this month, amid signs of rising diesel demand.