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a purified liquid produced by condensation from a vapor during distilling


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Distillate fuel oil and jet fuel stocks were up while stocks of other oils were down from year ago levels.
This also includes new refineries from Saudi Arabia, which will make it a net exporter of middle distillates (incl.
Ginger Treattarome 9745 is the latest addition to Treatt's innovative range of 100% natural FTNF distillates.
Hydrotreating of this diesel distillate started after presulfiding of the catalyst, and the activity of the catalyst was stabilized by feeding the reactant diesel distillate for about 5 h in the reaction conditions.
This week's column begins regular discussion of middle distillate markets, since their demand behaviour provides a good indication of real economic activity on national and international levels.
Oil prices have rallied on concerns about global distillate supplies this month, amid signs of rising diesel demand.
CTT) recently announced it has signed an agreement with Paramus, NJ-based Pure Energy Corporation (PEC), a leader in engineered alternative fuel formulations, that enables PEC to incorporate a CTT-licensed cold-weather diesel performance treatment additive and a distillate fuel conditioner into PEC products.
It was believed that the distilling process would 'cleanse' any immunities because even rotten fruit yield a clear distillate.
Demand for natural gas and distillate fuel oil (including heating oil), both used for space heating, rose sharply.
Natural gas and distillate fuel oil [1] prices can rise rapidly during winter peak-demand months especially when stocks are low and demand increases quickly.
The fractionator will have a naphtha stabilisation plant with a capacity of 100,000 b/d and a 150,000 b/d distillate blending unit.
Thus, when a phenolic urethane coldbox binder collapses readily and most of the core sand ends up in the green sand system, it produces a distillate that can be chemically harmful, and the lustrous carbon formed can leave a residual layer that hinders rebonding.
About five percent of the estimated 2,300 possible petroleum distillate cases resulted in hospitalizations.
Mineral spirits, also called ``white spirits'' (trade names include Varnolene and Texaco spirits), is a petroleum distillate specifically manufactured as a substitute for turpentine.
Intertek customers in Central Europe receive prompt analytical test reports for the middle distillate samples submitted, helping them with quality control and research & development.