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Synonyms for distil

Synonyms for distil

undergo condensation

extract by the process of distillation

undergo the process of distillation

give off (a liquid)

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Distil found bots -- automated programs or scripts programmed to perform very specific tasks at the request of their architect -- most likely deployed for one or more reasons over last-year's holiday season, performing various tasks:
The Vaulkhard Group, which owns a string of bars on Tyneside and Northumberland, launched the Newcastle Gin Company in September 2015, to distil and sell the spirit from its refurbished Bealim House bar at Newcastle's Gallowgate.
With the new round, Distil has raised total funding of $65 million so far.
7 -- Distil Information Systems, a software product company based out of India has bagged the prestigious deal of deploying Decision Support Systems (DSS) for Dubai based EagleBurgmann Middle East FZE, the West Asian operations of EagleBurgmann, one of the leading international suppliers of industrial sealing solutions.
An ancient recipe is to be used by Bruichladdich to distil with an alcoholic content of at least 92 per cent on Islay in the Western Isles.
Tequila is a distil late made from the swollen stem of the blue agave plant.
But thanks to a new breed of distil quality spirits are being enjoys core often by those who were nor weaned on high-Proof elixirs.