distance vision

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vision for objects that a 20 feet or more from the viewer

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A driver undergoing an eyesight test that detects weaknesses in distance vision, colour blindness, night vision and ability to recover from glare when driving at night
Like LASIK, CK is typically performed on just one eye, to improve near vision without sacrificing the distance vision in the other eye.
Unfortunately, the glasses that assist your near vision will blur your distance vision.
Myopia or nearsightedness--An eye that is longer than normal makes distance vision blurry.
The ''pupil intelligent'' lens consists of five concentric rings designed to optimise both near and distance vision under varying light conditions.
Short sight occurs when light is focused in front of the retina and causes distance vision to become blurred.
Look off into the distance or do some activity that involves distance vision.
The findings indicated that restoration of near vision is essential to patient happiness, and that avoiding visual symptoms is of far greater importance than any impact on distance vision in the treated eye.
MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL were achieving consistent and excellent near, intermediate and distance vision.
Some people have a lens in one eye adjusted for distance vision and one in the other eye for near vision.
Each guide will be highly personalised and will contain pictures of each pair of glasses a resident has chosen and if they are for near or distance vision, or for general use.
Standard IOLs can be used in cataract treatment to improve distance vision, but the TECNIS Symfony IOL is a first-of-its kind lens that is intended to provide patients a continuous range of vision including far, intermediate and near distances with reduced incidence of halo and glare comparable to a monofocal lens1.
8221; Roma remarks, “My distance vision is continuing to get better and I can see cars and signs more clearly.
Now, a new trifocal lens implant that offers near, intermediate and distance vision is revolutionising the treatment of cataracts.
If you have perfect distance vision, reading glasses may be a viable option.
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