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320 is a standard for videoconferencing over ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)--an up-and-coming broadband technology of the 1990s that never gained critical mass but still enjoys niche support, especially at universities that pioneered distance learning.
As a concurrent effort with the development of SAM-OC, DISAM has retooled the distance learning portion of its website.
list of links to useful information literacy and distance learning Web sites;
Quizzes and examinations that did not require air time were scheduled in alternative locations on each campus to conserve use of the distance learning classrooms.
In short, the money to pay for distance learning exists; agencies merely need to use creative approaches to obtain it.
Launching by the end of November on Solidaridad 1, the private distance learning network plans to offer multi-tier programming content aimed at different education levels, with services such as Telesecundarias and Teleprimarias for elementary and high school programming.
Distance learning is just one of the many applications for our broadcast solutions.
As per Levine (2000), questions of educational quality and appropriateness persist, which are particularly relevant to the application of distance learning to human services.
And despite the well-publicized failures of some for-profit online ventures, degree-granting distance learning appears to be in Harvard's playbook.
Distance learning programs are becoming increasingly popular, particularly online learning on the college level.
Academic libraries, in particular, are becoming partners in their parent institutions' distance learning programs.
In NY008, ACTV Grants License for Interactive Distance Learning Evaluation To Westcott Communications, moved earlier today, we are advised by a representative for the company that the headline has been changed to read "ACTV Signs Its First Distance Learning Contract With Westcott Communications," instead of that originally issued.
With the addition of Aventa Learning's online instructional programs, which will be marketed under the Aventa Learning name, KC Distance Learning is well positioned as the premier provider of online courses to schools.
Compressed video and web-based learning environments are among the most popular types of distance learning.
Nasdaq: IATV) today announced that it has applied for a new patent on its interactive distance learning system (REACT System,) which was successfully demonstrated three weeks ago at the dedication of Tele-Communications, Inc.
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