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However, it did not contribute significantly to the LDE The results in Table 8 indicate that low-vision drivers reported experiencing significantly more difficulty with near acuity, distance acuity, and physical obstruction and that nonimpaired drivers had more trouble with motion perception.
Results from the factor analysis performed on the experiences while driving questions revealed that both low-vision and nonimpaired drivers reported visual difficulties in six areas: near acuity (with emphasis on night driving), peripheral vision, glare (with emphasis on night driving), visual obstruction, motion perception, and distance acuity.
Low-vision drivers reported greater difficulty performing driving tasks that involved near acuity, distance acuity, and physical obstruction.
For example, if the distance acuity is 6/24, then the expected near acuity should be approximately 24/3 = N8 at a working distance of 25cm.
This means that older patients with small pupils may not achieve good distance acuity.