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These ridges bifurcate and anastomose distally toward the crown foot.
Ground color dark brown with long ochreous scales near the base of the wing and along the CuA and 2A, never exceeding distally the discal cell; ochreous spots on costal area from base to Sc end, around CuA1 origin (triangular shaped), and one triangular in Cu[A.
Male legs with fore trochanter bearing single small tooth distally just before apex.
Microspores in both species are fundamentally echinate, but in L weberi the echinae are broader, more columnar and distally muricate (Hickey, 1985).
Palp: Tibia long and cylindrical, distal apophysis of cymbium conical, curved distally (Figs.
These re-useable or disposable cameras are distally assembled on the tip of a flexible / rigid scope or instrument.
The barium study produced no symptoms, but when the patient ate a muffin he developed nausea and abdominal pain, and it was observed fluoroscopically that there was a delay in propagation of food from the intrathoracic stomach distally to [the] small bowel.
Transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) demonstrated a large sliding hiatal hernia cavity that was lined with gastric rugae and a distally visible lumen (figure, A).
Of the 22 advanced lesions, 14 were located distally, within reach of the flexible sigmoidoscope.
The FDA also cleared Biomet's Comprehensive([R]) Segmental Revision System (SRS), a humeral replacement system designed to address significant bone loss, both proximally and distally.
Ventral gonostylus spatula-shaped, distally with 2 strong and equal-sized spines; median gonostylus short and light-colored, upturned, enlarged to form a tubercle, at the distal end with numerous thin setae and furthermore on distal inner margin with few short spines; dorsal gonostylus naked, long, hook-shaped, upturned and with a pointed tip (Fig.
T8 well-developed; S8 (subgenital plate) well-developed, weakly sclerotized proximally, widening distally before tapering quickly to cleft apex (ventral view); T9 with well-developed acanthophorites, each bearing 5 strong macrosetae; proctiger short, moderately well sclerotized.