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What exactly will a theology of radical dissymmetry and singularity look like?
An endogenous influence of functional dissymmetry (chirality) on biological capabilities and processes.
The value of such an inquiry lies in its ability to dislodge a (justified, of course) fixation with the texts of the colonizer and locus attention on how Irish literary, dramatic, and filmic texts operate to undermine or negotiate a systematically elaborated representational dissymmetry.
There is, however, a notable dissymmetry between the two kinds of actions.
This study determined the symmetry of regional body composition and then related any dissymmetry to differences in bioelectrical impedance (Z).
The final phase of the conditioner is to recombine the two paths and accelerate the flow, a function that will eliminate any dissymmetry in the initial separation.
Polyad: 0 = symmetrical on both faces; 1 = exhibiting inner-outer polyad dissymmetry (Guinet & Grimes, 1997; Guinet & Hernandez, 1989).
The most valuable Lacanian key of all - and the function best suited to the reader in search of analytic understanding - is the structural dissymmetry between the mirroring opposites of imaginary dualities and the Oedipal pattern of symbolic law.
The IRS itself has rejected the dissymmetry between foreign and domestic partnerships in its recent section 701 partnership "anti-abuse" regulations.
11) While the climate of Stalinist Russia certainly exhibited surrealistic features, and while films of heroic party members and workers emerging victorious against the schemes of ideological enemies and wreckers have a self-referential, circular logic, a western, historical response to the dissymmetry between image and reality under Stalin does not necessarily reflect contemporary reactions, for which concrete evidence is lacking.
The dissymmetry between civil cases and significance testing is what led the plaintiffs to argue that, properly understood, the results of the epidemiological studies on Bendectin actually support the conclusion of causation, if the law's burden of persuasion in civil cases is employed rather than that of science.