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If considering only immanent dimensions, he is not able to establish dissymmetry of the other to the same.
Alternatively, in a functionally relevant approach, the main traits of the shape of shell outline may be synthetically characterised by (i) the shell elongation, that is, the ratio of contour length to contour height, (ii) the valve dissymmetry, namely, the degree of dissymmetry of the position of the umbo versus the anterior and posterior extremities of shell, and (iii) the ventral convexity, that is, the degree of prominence of the ventral side of the shell outline, opposite to umbo.
In science particular word "chirality" instead of dissymmetry was first introduced by Lord Kelvin, Professor of natural philosophy in the University of Glasgow.
The dissymmetry of these versions lies in the fact that a certain criterion is used to pick a primary city from the two cities of an air route.
3] for a deeper explanation on the dissymmetry principle.
9) The literalist object installed a fatal dissymmetry in the visual field by assuming a vaguely human presence that concealed nothing but an empty void at its center.
Dissymmetry and variety, irregularity, the unexpected, the intertwined, raw materials, tactile values, all that becomes part of the picturesque.
This dissymmetry between the image and the original that the Medusa's head introduces into the poem is also evident in the poem's relation to its mythological original.
The polemic between Erasmus and Luther over the free will flared up Valla's speculations about the limitations of reason and omnipotence of thought, the dissymmetry and interplay between knowing and willing and his doubts about philosophy's power to define the perimeter of their theological philosophical debate.
Intricately patterned drawings in black or blue ballpoint pen buzz with electricity, movement, and visual inventiveness, playing symmetry against dissymmetry while evoking influences as varied as Art Deco, Native American and pre-Columbian art, science fiction illustration, graffiti tags, and the work of Eduardo Paolozzi, with a hint of Aubrey Beardsley thrown in.
Subsumption" is also a recasting of "assimilation" in that it presumes a dissymmetry of social class, but recasts the scenario on the model of human learning, apprehension, and learning.
Wallhead discusses Byatt's treatment of Jael in the light of the critical assessment of the story by Mieke Bal--in Murderand Difference and Death and Dissymmetry (1988)--and in comparison with earlier rewritings of the episode.
On the other hand, defensive realists should predict a much more moderate posture, as the dissymmetry of power will render the security dilemma less--or simply not--salient for a great power facing a lesser state.
The dissymmetry latent in analogies overwhelms the understanding and ever-and-again reduces the self to silence.
made the body of the condemned man the place where the vengeance of the sovereign was applied, the anchoring point for a manifestation of power, an opportunity of affirming the dissymmetry of forces" (55).