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a word having two syllables


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In that study, the authors concluded that the use of the elaborated material, with regular and frequent monosyllabic and dissyllable words and pictures, the application was quick and easy, demonstrating meeting the SRPI objectives in children in the studied age group, allowing the systematized monitoring of speech perception ability regardless of the verbal ability of the child [7].
The first of these two lines is a regular iambic pentameter, so long as "e'er" in "whosoe'er" is pronounced as a dissyllable (as though it were "ever").
can induce any monosyllable or dissyllable to lose some or all of its stress" (235).
771), and campis is a familiar dissyllable at line end (for examples, Geo.
Parrott's wise decision to pronounce the Latin in the fashion of a 17th-century English schoolmaster is vitiated when Charles Daniels elides `glor-ya' to a dissyllable (bars 27ff): it may be scholarly, but it sounds more careless than intentional.
This test is originally comprised of 50 dissyllable words, being applied a list to each ear, which is formed by the same words, but arranged in different orders.