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deterring from action

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at 13 ("Fisheries control has generally been weak, penalties are not dissuasive and inspections not frequent enough to encourage compliance.
Deputy Minister of Information, Mahmoud Khalifa, said that holding the Palestinian tax funds by the the State of occupation is piracy and crime at the international level that requires urgent and dissuasive steps from the Security Council and the United Nations against the Israeli Occupation State that frequently uses the Palestinian rights and blood in its election campaign, adding that those barbaric acts violate the international norms & conventions.
Drilon said that intensified punitive actions against serious violations on Philippine aquatic resources would ensure that "sanctions are dissuasive and have deterrent effect.
They are self-defensive and dissuasive equipment," according to Director General of Prisons and Rehabilitation Sabeur Khelifi.
The mission of the SMA is to lead strategically and promote compliance with environmental management tools within their competence through the audit, compliance assistance dissuasive sanctions, and delivering environmental information to the community.
The presence of the armed forces is above all dissuasive," Defence Minister Celso Amorim said.
Studies that do supposedly demonstrate the dissuasive power of harsher punishments are based solely on police arrest numbers or conviction statistics and do not, therefore, attempt to evaluate what lawbreakers are supposedly thinking.
The fact that these two attacks occurred in places in the capital with a reputation for being safe can only have a dissuasive impact on media preparing to cover the election," said Reza Moini, the head of the Reporters Without Borders' Iran-Afghanistan desk.
The length of time taken to cancel contracts signed in breach of conflict of interest, and the poor record of government administration in pursuing these, also reduces the dissuasive force of ANI's work, as well as entailing a loss for the public finances.
These (Iraqi) executions go against the world evolution in favour of abolition of this inhuman punishment, whose dissuasive value had never been established," the French statement said.
15), popular culture has the ability to carry convincing or dissuasive political messages to the listener.
Recent instances of drone warfare and cyber attacks point to the continuing fascination with low-footprint, flexible applications of dissuasive or coercive diplomacy.
The EC conceded that the incident had demonstrated the importance of proper controls and dissuasive sanctions and had eroded public trust in the government.
He appreciated the massive participation of the Iranian people in the Friday presidential election, and said the loyal, wise and pious people of Iran proved that they weren't influenced by the foreign states' dissuasive propaganda and fulfilled their responsibilities.
Bayan Al Yaoum writes that all administrative, security and dissuasive measures taken by the Ministry of Education to fight the spread of cheating in the baccalaureate exams remain insufficient to address the stratagems of an "organized criminal group", in the words of the education minister.