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  • verb

Synonyms for dissuade

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for dissuade

turn away from by persuasion



References in classic literature ?
Hilbery began, in a dull, low voice that he himself had never heard before, when there was a scuffling and exclaiming in the hall, and Cassandra, who appeared to be insisting against some dissuasion on the part of another, burst into the room.
A simple manly character need never make an apology, but should regard its past action with the calmness of Phocion, when he admitted that the event of the battle was happy, yet did not regret his dissuasion from the battle.
His friend would have dissuaded him from this, from the mere motive of good-nature; but his dissuasion had no other effect than to produce a large volley of oaths and curses, which greatly shocked the pious ears of Supple; but he did not dare to remonstrate against a privilege which the squire claimed as a freeborn Englishman.
Dissuasions with investors interested in the gold refineries had since reached an advanced stage.
beaucoup moins que] Si l'operation Mare Nostrum devait prendre fin sans etre correctement remplacee, les atermoiements et les differends sur les operations de recherche et de sauvetage risquent de mettre de nouveau des vies en peril [beaucoup plus grand que], a averti Daluissen, evoquant les mesures de dissuasions europeennes a effet contraire.