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Antonyms for dissuasion

a communication that dissuades you

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persuading not to do or believe something

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On Tuesday, a dissuasion was held between Minister of Fisheries Wealth Fahad Kefayen and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) representative in Yemen Fathya Bahran on the cooperation areas between the ministry and the Fund.
This isn't meant to be a dissuasion because late-season, cold weather hunts can be an absolute blast.
Le mouvement a egalement appele les dirigeants du Monde Islamique et Arabe a renoncer a la desunion et agir de toute urgence pour adopter une decision qui restaure a l'esprit de l'unite Arabe et Islamique pour soutenir la juste cause Palestinienne et de dissuasion aux agresseurs sionistes.
He wanted top four and with Chelsea signing Diego Costa, Arsenal interested but not at the price, Manchester City unmoved and Liverpool seemingly settled with Suarez, there was a thought that some dissuasion could deny others such as Spurs from luring him away from the Liberty.
The idea, one often espoused by far-right political movements, is that "increased jail sentences offer a kind of social benefit in rehabilitation, dissuasion, and, generally speaking, the inability to commit new crimes," sociologist Nicolas Trajtenberg explained in an April 25 interview with Brecha, an Uruguayan weekly.
We have made plans in case of contingency-III (two-front war)," he said, adding that India had upgraded its policy against China from dissuasion to deterrence.
As a dissuasion, garlic water is great and you won't notice it once it's on.
Moving across the spectrum, from dissuasion through denial to threat, increases the level of action by the state attempting to deter.
There'll need to be a dissuasion from the view they are involved in cultural warfare.
A psychologist from Parliament's medical center has also joined the dissuasion efforts, which have been continuing for more than an hour.
Baghdad/ NINA/-- Chairperson of the parliamentary Committee on deportees and displaced persons committee Liq Wardi said : "The government is unable to save the dignity of citizens and keep security with the presence of militias who practice murder and displacement without dissuasion or concrete action to end this blatant terror.
Les deux parties, a ajoute le ministre, ont aussi appele l'Organisation des Nations unies et la communaute internationale a assumer leurs responsabilites, conformement a la Charte de l'Onu et au droit international, afin de prendre les mesures de dissuasion necessaires contre les auteurs de ce crime, et donner un coup d'arret aux violations et aux crimes de genocide perpetres par le regime syrien depuis plus de deux ans.
The second group asserts that CSR activities, which encompass all legitimate stockholders' implicit claims as stakeholder theory suggests, can improve firm value by (1) immediate cost saving, (2) enhancement of firm reputation, and (3) dissuasion of future action by regulatory bodies including governments which might impose significant costs on the firm [4].
But their powers of dissuasion will depend on their ability to prove that their brand of Salafism is superior.
Bereft of critical examination go core assumptions of this doctrine as in the still relevant 2008 White Paper on Defence, namely: 'nuclear dissuasion provides the ultimate guarantee of our national independence .