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Synonyms for dissonant

Synonyms for dissonant

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency

Synonyms for dissonant

characterized by musical dissonance

lacking in harmony

not in accord

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The long In Nomine slow movement of the third quartet, for example, is beguilingly beautiful in the ways it explores aspects of the traditional plainsong theme before letting us hear it complete, albeit in a dissonantly fractured form, towards the end.
A tense social interaction is like people singing dissonantly, with no agreement on rhythm, tune, key, or even what kind of song they are singing.
Demonstrating that the "primary Beats" embraced many of the "reactionary, nativist, racist ideologies to which they have conventionally been contrasted," Martinez suggests that it is "possible that the Beats were not so much pitting their worldview against a vacuous, rigid, bourgeois conformity, but echoing, albeit dissonantly, the same tune as the chorus of reactionary elements of America in the 1950s" (25).
This piece begins heroically, dissonantly Chopinesque, then jazzes and rocks hiply in movement two, Epicycles, Tap-Dancing and Soft Shoe in a very knowing fashion.
The bubbling semiquavers of the scherzo and the strident, dissonantly exciting intermezzo drew the audience on to the orchestral showpiece which makes up the finale, Rudy producing a finely paced and executed showpiece of a cadenza.