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Synonyms for dissonance



Synonyms for dissonance

Synonyms for dissonance

a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters

the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality

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Cellist Kate Gould explained that it had some neo-classicism, some Russian chant, harmonic dissonance alongside conventional harmony - and some echoes of Shostakovich.
As Hitchens notes in the essay "Something About the Poems": "In looking for creative dissonance, we should attend to the long rhythms and traditional echoes.
This can be seen in traditional species counterpoint itself: a second-species example might feature a large number of dissonances on the upbeats or avoid them entirely.
The passing tones and suspensions may be considered as prototypes for, respectively, the rhythmically weak dissonances and the rhythmically strong.
Such sad, unsentimental tales capture not only the dissonances of familial life, but also the fundamental loneliness of the human condition, the same themes explored with such ferocity and lyricism in Shepard's work for the theater.
His hope, as he describes it, is that the "book lives up to its title, that it avails itself of resonances and dissonances, the interstitial play between fit and non-fit, the non-totalizing drift a book of essays affords" (21).
A pairing of the Black Mountain poets with black writers from the United States and the Caribbean probably would not immediately occur to most readers, yet Nathaniel Mackey's study Discrepant Engagement: Dissonance, Cross-Culturality, and Experimental Writing provocatively examines this very relationship.
Thus, if CHl is a cindynic hyperspace that is more adapted to the environment, and if CHl is not adopted by the actors in the network, the five dissonances will increase in magnitude.
Like Rudolf Gerber in his 1937 edition of the hymns for Das Chorwerk, Curtis has ironed out some of the resulting dissonances by suggesting modifications to the added voice.
He further suggests that interpretive strategies be sensitive to the clever juxtaposition of legato and staccato/portato, to place stresses on dissonances and the approaches to a dissonance, and relax the dynamic as the melody flows into a consonant tone.
After clarifying the nature of metrical dissonance as a musical state, Krebs goes on to identify a host of musical processes involving changing states of metrical dissonances.
The expression of intractable discord within an essentially harmonic structure is itself a theophanic proclamation, that is, of the fortunate unattainability of a certain kind of spiritual realization: that which would stake everything on a harmonious state of being while ignoring the dissonances which figure the actual diversity - and thus the varied possibilities - of the human spirit.
Brown is unmatched at examining the subtle realities and dissonances behind the serene classical images of the humanists.
These very excited and exciting paintings create luscious harmonies out of unlikely dissonances, paintings in which the abstract is fused with the symbolic and allegorical: Jean Cocteau and Mark Rothko, Odilon Redon and Willem de Kooning.
Both Jerome and Erasmus were conscious stylists, but the presentation six of Jerome's letters in translation provokes strong stylistic dissonances.