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The minister also said pepper spray contains water, an alcohol organic dissolvent and halogenated gases or propellants depending on brand.
couples built of an aggressive man--aggressive woman, characterized by continuous conflicts, growing tension, which presents a great pathogen and dissolvent potential for both or one partner.
This is the growing importance of money as a dissolvent of manners and customs, money as an image of something deeper than experience, money as a power that converts every rival symbolism to a language of its own.
lt;<Lors de celle-ci>>, ecrit-il, <<les liens qui organisent le reel, se dissolvent au point de fragmenter et de faire eclater la collectivite [nous soulignons].
It is that he responded to what Dewey called "the greatest dissolvent in contemporary thought of old questions.
The terms of debate were clearly borrowed from the debates in Europe about the decline of feudalism and the rise of capitalism in which commerce was identified as the chief dissolvent of the former and the equally chief harbinger of the latter.
But he also detailed with a philosopher's lucidity the role his high bourgeois people had played in the hollowing out of modern life, as is made especially clear in his discussion of the dissolvent "Boston Doubts' in his essay on Henry Adams.
Au lieu d'etre portes par un suspense mettant en jeu la reussite ou l'echec de Shigeru--et donc son integration ou son maintien dans les marges--, ces joutes sportives se dissolvent dans la contemplation des arabesques tracees par les surfeurs, au milieu desquels s'evanouit la figure du protagoniste principal.
Les actions humaines s'effritent et se dissolvent ; le personnage, instance narrative dont le role est de conduire le recit, devient une composante de l'espace muet : "Un homme guidait un dromadaire .
Various organic solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone, dimethyl formamide, carbon tetra- chloride, benzene and n-hexane were tested as a dissolvent and n-hexane was found to show good characteristics as a floating solvent.
The true antagonism is not the Mosaism as an antithesis, but the modern nation with its working classes as an antithesis of the ancient, dissolvent and egoist race, which has no concern for the public welfare.
By means of a rotating conveyor belt, hot deionized water as a dissolvent and a carbon analyzer, the carbon content of up to 28 samples is determined.
For mobile phase, Dissolvent A Methanol-acetic acid-water (10:2:88) and Dissolvent B Methanol-acetic acid-water (90:2:8) were employed for mobile phase and gradient elusion program was applied as presented in Table I.
Pendant cette periode, il est possible de mettre le patient sous perfusion qui lui injecte des medicaments qui dissolvent le caillot.
is suspended over the abyss which Nietzsche inscribed with "the death of God", to whose vertiginous and culturally dissolvent consequences it can be interpreted as both a panic reaction and an alternative response'.