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the dissolved matter in a solution

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However, due to the rising amount of dissolved solids in the water supply, and expanding middle class population, consumers are graduating to other purification technologies.
We discovered the total dissolved solids to be highest at Najafgarh Nala at 1,136 mg/ l.
Total dissolved solids (TDS) comprise inorganic salts and small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in water.
The second objective was to determine quantitatively another set of freshwater quality parameters (Temperature, pH, Dissolve oxygen, Total dissolved solids, and Salinity) and third was to determine if any pollution and potential health hazards exist that could impact the use of freshwater resources for recreational purposes and for sources of food, by humans, birds and wildlife.
11) whereas the total dissolved solids (mg/l) was the highest in Kauripathar (308.
The report further showed that around 40 percent of these schemes were unsafe due to microbiological contamination, while about 23 percent contained major pollutants, like total dissolved solids (TDS), chloride, sodium, iron, arsenic and fluoride.
The substantial improvements are estimated to reduce discharges of total dissolved solids by 264 million pounds over the course of the next three years.
Research by Dr Salama Al Muhairi, director of laboratories at the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, found that Ajman water samples had high levels of salinity and melted dissolved solids that exceeded the maximum allowable levels.
Three lakes in Hoosier National Forest, Perry County, southern Indiana, were studied for changes in dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, oxidation-reduction potential, salinity, specific conductance, and total dissolved solids because they have experienced recent fish kills.
The Rosemount Analytical 1066 family of transmitters can measure pH, ORP, resistivity/conductivity, percent concentration, total dissolved solids, total chlorine, free chlorine, monochloramine, dissolved oxygen and dissolved ozone.
Supposedly, a hot spring acquires therapeutic power because it holds more dissolved solids than normal water and often has a very high mineral content containing everything from simple calcium to lithium and even radium.
Applications for the new module therefore include boiler feed ultrapurification for power plants with high hardness/high total dissolved solids in the raw water.
The water was exceeding the state's old standards of 142 milligrams per liter for dissolved solids, 15 milligrams per liter for chlorides and 20 milligrams per liter for sulfates.
The present investigation has been carried out to analyse the water quality parameters like Colour, Odour, pH, Alkalinity, Total hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorides, Dissolved oxygen, Biological oxygen demand, Total solids and Total dissolved solids of partially treated distillery effluent and its leachate after passing the effluent through experimental soil profile (Lysimeter).
With wireless technology linked to automatic monitoring kit to monitor things like TDS (total dissolved solids, which if high is a strong indicator of lack of due care and attention by the cooling tower owner/operator), coulter counters, active bacteria destruction kit such as, but not limited to, UV or UV coupled to sonicators or a pressure cylinder (akin to the Hugh's Press) for disrupting possible host eukaryotes (e.