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(of solid matter) reduced to a liquid form

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1985: The parliament of 1985 was dissolved by an Amiri decree in 1986 against the backdrop of what was known as "climate crisis" and the many grilling motions that followed impacting cooperation between the legislative and the executive Powers.
Recently, researchers have been experimenting with animal-borne dissolved oxygen meters, which includes deploying animals such as elephant seals with dissolved oxygen sensors that allow real-time remote tracking of dissolved oxygen concentration of these water bodies with high accuracy.
November 17, 2013 (JUBA) -- South Sudan's information minister, Michael Makuei Lueth, has said earlier media reports that the country's president has dissolved structures of the ruling party (SPLM) were misinterpreted and taken out of context.
In most studies about the dissolution of cellulose in [BMIM]CI, cellulose was dissolved in [BMIM]CI directly.
Three lakes in Hoosier National Forest, Perry County, southern Indiana, were studied for changes in dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, oxidation-reduction potential, salinity, specific conductance, and total dissolved solids because they have experienced recent fish kills.
District 2 Pending Decision District 3 Transitioning to Chapter 3 - East Central Region District 4 Transitioning to Chapter - Southwest Region PENDING OFFICIAL PAPERWORK District 5 Transitioning to Chapter - Southwest Region PENDING OFFICIAL PAPERWORK District 7 Dissolved into Central Region District 8 Dissolved into Southeast Region District 9 Dissolved into Northeast Region District 10 Transitioning to Chapter 10 - West Central Region District 12 Pending Decision District 15 Transitioning to Chapter 15 - East Central Region District 17 Transitioning to Ozarks Chapter - Central Region District 18 Dissolved into Northwest Region
2 : to bring to an end : terminate <The businessmen dissolved their partnership.
The new WalkLAB portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter has been specifically designed to measure the quantity of dissolved oxygen in water.
In approving the permit for the new storage ponds, the Lahonton board forbid any increase in nitrates in the groundwater beneath the plant and limited the amount of dissolved solids.
We also examined the influence of colloidal and dissolved materials on linerboard properties.
They're also constructing theoretical models of how it works and developing devices that can accurately measure gases and nutrients dissolved in the water.
Oklahoma City, surrendered its certificate of authority and dissolved on June 14.
15-g) inoculant pellets were produced and examined to see how well they dissolved when immersed in molten iron.
Yet so far more than 300 of the 28,000-plus stone-sex couples already registered as domestic partners have dissolved their partnerships because of the new law.
Sodium hydroxide is a room-temperature solid that generates tremendous heat when dissolved in water or neutralized with acid, and can react with a variety of metals to create flammable hydrogen gas.