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Synonyms for dissolvable

capable of dissolving


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The makers of ZYRTEC are pleased to announce the launch of a new form to the ZYRTECA portfolio of allergy-relief products a convenient oral, dissolvable tablet.
And thus, students at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom came up with the dissolvable wedding gown.
Reynolds Tobacco Company launched a dissolvable nicotine product called Camel Orbs, which according to the company's promotional literature contains 1 mg nicotine per pellet and is flavoured with cinnamon or mint.
Fiber Wisdom[TM] is a dissolvable powder that contains Frutafit[R] Inulin (FOS).
Co-operative Group has scored a major marketing coup by beating both Procter & Gamble and Unilever to market with dissolvable laundry liquid pouches.
The frafts consist of chondrocytes seeded on a matrix of dissolvable suture material.
The product consists of a small dissolvable film which is applied to the buccal (inner lining of cheek) membranes.
The ABSORB IV trial will rigorously and prospectively examine whether there are differences in angina rates between a permanent stent and a dissolvable device after a percutaneous coronary intervention," said Gregg Stone, M.
FeraMAX Powder is the only oral iron product available in a dissolvable powder and comes in pleasant tasting grape/raspberry flavoured gluten and alcohol-free crystals which can be conveniently dosed by diluting in water or mixing with soft foods.
Lever announced last week that it would launch Persil Capsules -- washing liquid in dissolvable plastic pouches -- with a 9m [pounds sterling] marketing campaign from May.
Recent tests revealed that when the foil leaves lead salts on the rim of a bottle, this dissolvable residue can boost the wine's lead content during pouring.
The product consists of a small dissolvable disc for application of fentanyl to the buccal (inner lining of cheek) membranes.
Tom Staszak stated, "The merger between ETI and GRI was an excellent and synergistic option for both entities that will benefit all current and future users of the company's proprietary OREX(TM) protective, dissolvable clothing.
The capsules offer a convenient pre-measured dose of washing liquid in dissolvable plastic.
First, directly on the substrate, the researchers lay down a roughly seven-atom-deep dissolvable film of aluminum arsenide.