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Synonyms for dissolution

Synonyms for dissolution

excessive freedom; lack of restraint

Synonyms for dissolution

separation into component parts

the process of going into solution


Related Words

dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure

the termination of a meeting

the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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Hanson reports that this trinity of expertise combines dissolution, spectrophotometry, and 21 CFR Part 11 PC software expertise under one umbrella for the benefit of the user.
The systems are scalable and configurable starting with one dissolution tester and a peri-pump ("Closed Loop with Peri-Pump") all the way up to three-bath systems using precision autosampling ("Detect & Collect").
The 8454 UV Dissolution System is an ideal solution for both single and multicomponent products.
The 8454 system uses Agilent's UV-ChemStation Dissolution Software, which seamlessly integrates with OpenLAB ECM.
In a number of studies, Vcaps Plus capsules have been shown to deliver optimized compound stability and predictable in vitro dissolution while also helping to eliminate the complexity in formulation development.
Traditionally, HPMC capsules were created using secondary gelling agents and ionic gel promoters, which have been found to interact with dissolution media and delay compound release from the capsule.
A thorough review of the historical background and politics surrounding the town's citizen-based dissolution effort is beyond the scope of this article.
165 addresses the formation, merger, and dissolution of municipalities.
This does not appear to be the case, therefore, the Constitution provides for a general election of members of the House of Representatives to be held at within three months after every dissolution of Parliament.
It is believed that the President has disagreed with the January 7 dissolution, interpreting the Constitution as requiring an immediate dissolution.
La Cour de Cassation (CC) a decide a l'unanimite qu'elle n'est pas concernee de trancher la demande soumise par l'Assemblee du peuple autour de l'application de la Haute Cour Constitutionnelle (HCC) concernant la dissolution du Parlement.
L'Assemblee du peuple avait demande a la Cour de Cassation le 10 juillet en cours de trancher l'application du verdict emis par la HCC sur la dissolution du Parlement.
901(b)(1), Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Dependent or Minor Child(ren);
901(b)(2), Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Property but No Dependent or Minor Child(ren);
Dissolution as Public Policy and Seeds of Legal Reform