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Synonyms for dissolutely

in a dissolute way


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While some contemporary character collections and plays sketch a miscellany readership of socially elite foppish males, fidgeting dissolutely at the fringes of court life, this is to conflate the world described in verse with the world lived by readers.
I do not see how I can much begrudge it them, however (though I would dearly like to see town centres more populated, and town fringes creeping less dissolutely outwards), for Alfriston is indeed a most charming place, neat and pretty as many Sussex towns and villages are, with a beautiful broad green behind the main street, and a handsome church, not small and squat like many in this area, but of generous proportions and with a fine spire.
poor men to live Idlely, dissolutely, neglecting their calling, while their poore wives and children sit crying at home.