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the property of being dissoluble


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Increasing the amount of NaOH solution increased the dissolubility of resin, which could decrease the viscosity of resinification product.
As the decomposition of organic matter causes anoxic conditions and therefore dissolubility of carbonates (Dean, 1999), we can assume that even if the carbonates were formed during vegetation seasons, they were quickly dissolved due to the unfavourable conditions that followed.
To reduce the covenantal bond between Christ and his Church to the distinct accidents of relation inhering in each of them would be to defend dissolubility at the cost of denying the reality of that union.
The effect of this purification is the unity and dissolubility of marriage raised to the level of the divine so eloquently stated upon continuation of the same point of Deus caritas est, number 6:
Both the TLC3 and FFCWB studies have focused on different dimensions of couples with children, such as parenting dynamics in early childhood, father involvement, and relationship stability or dissolubility (Edin, 2000; Reichman, Teitler, Garfinkel, & McLanahan, 2001).
In comparison with the diffusion model and Higuchi model, the proposed dissolution-diffusion model is characteristic of describing the whole release process without limitation of different dissolution rate or dissolubility.
Thus, these arguments claim that it is virtually impossible any longer to speak of the group formed by indissoluble marriage as "the family," suited to human nature or to being a standard for lawmaking; we must rather speak about "families" as including different groupings of persons premised upon, or allowing easily for, dissolubility.
West" put the case clearly: "Should it be told to future ages, that the capricious dissolubility (if not the absolute nullity) of the nuptial tie and the annihilation of parental authority are among the blasphemies uttered by the moral instructors of these times .