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tending to produce dissociation

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Properties of dissociatively extracted fetal tooth matrix proteins, I: principal molecular species in developing bovine enamel.
In the present paper, I use the term CAs to mean adjectives of Latinate origin used dissociatively.
The "marvelous number of degrees and hues" anticipates the changing hues of Jekyll's "transcendental medicine" (1981, 76) and "transforming draught" (1981, 92), which shake "the very fortress of identity" since Jekyll/Hyde is again dissociatively "housed in separate identities" (1981, 80-81).
Methanol dissociatively adsorbs onto the surface and desorbs in a second-order process at [sim]363 K for coverages corresponding to 10% of a monolayer.
These responses were converted to a 6-point scale representing a measure of the extent to which subjects responded dissociatively to the caret test.