dissociation constant

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the equilibrium constant for a reversible dissociation

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4'OH-PCB 12 had the highest-affinity binding in this study, and it exhibited a significantly lower dissociation constant ([K.
d]P is the probe-bilirubin dissociation constant, and [B.
The 15mer thrombin aptamer appears to have a dissociation constant ([K.
With such as dramatic difference in fluorescence lifetimes, we plan to determine the extent to which the fluorescence lifetime and dissociation constant for NADH is affected by changes in the structure of the enzyme (through site-directed mutagenesis) and the presence/absence of [Mg.
The physical and chemical properties of the antimicrobials, such as their chemical reactivity, solubility, dissociation constant (pKa) and toxicity;
The calculated dissociation constant was similar to my estimated value, and the method had promise for clinical application because it directly measured the minute concentration of unbound bilirubin, which Odell's work suggested was the critical parameter for bilirubin entry into the brain.
The "true" KD represents the dissociation constant per actin monomer bound.
Flash point, Flammability, Flammability (Contact with water), Pyrophoric Properties, Explosive Properties, Auto-ignition Temperature , Relative Self-ignition Temperature, Oxidising Properties, Stability in organic solvent, Dissociation constant, Viscosity and Granulometry.
Fit competition and sigmoidal dose-response equations to learn the affinity of the receptor for the competing molecule, EC50, or specify ligand concentration and Kd to generate Ki, the equilibrium dissociation constant.