dissociation constant

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the equilibrium constant for a reversible dissociation

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A] is the equilibrium dissociation constant of the complex RA, [K.
Although the protein can bind most of the tested substances, with an estimated dissociation constant within the [10.
By such a simple experiment, the dissociation constant of the complex between the saccharide and ConA can be determined as an inhibition constant ([K.
4'OH-PCB 12 had the highest-affinity binding in this study, and it exhibited a significantly lower dissociation constant ([K.
A dissociation constant of 58 nM for a region of the insulin enhancer element was determined by the electrophoretic mobility shift assay.
Removal of the hydroxyl group of Tyr6 has no effect on the dissociation constant for glutathione.
Data for the binding of recombinant rgp 120 to rCD4 gave a dissociation constant of 17 nM, which agrees well with the value of 19 nM previously reported by Wu et al.
The resulting data demonstrated a close relationship between the apparent acid dissociation constant, or pKa, of the ionizable amino lipid head groups present in the LNPs and their ability to elicit potent hepatic gene silencing in vivo.
We fitted corrected titration data for BL22P1B11 with a single-site binding model to determine the equilibrium dissociation constant ([K.
With such as dramatic difference in fluorescence lifetimes, we plan to determine the extent to which the fluorescence lifetime and dissociation constant for NADH is affected by changes in the structure of the enzyme (through site-directed mutagenesis) and the presence/absence of [Mg.
The physical and chemical properties of the antimicrobials, such as their chemical reactivity, solubility, dissociation constant (pKa) and toxicity;