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Synonyms for dissociate

dissociate yourself from something or someone


  • break away from
  • part company with
  • break off relations with
  • have nothing more to do with
  • sever connections with
  • end relations with

Synonyms for dissociate

to remove from association with

Synonyms for dissociate

to undergo a reversible or temporary breakdown of a molecule into simpler molecules or atoms

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One psychiatrist told the court she thought Boyd may have been dissociated from reality.
As silver ions dissociated from the nitrate, they settled onto the semiconductor.
Second, we should not delude ourselves into believing that the nursing facility, even though in some cases "Edenized" and more homelike, is not an institutional environment conducive to breeding depression; because of the sheer burden of illness and disability it confronts, the nursing home will never be totally dissociated from its institutional status.
The ambient light and seriality of Flavin's Tatlin monuments; repetition and difference in Andy Warhol's "Shadow" paintings (1978-79); permutation and interval in Donald Judd's progressions and plywood boxes; Robert Ryman's work, in which process is dissociated from image or allusion and speaks in a dilated present tense; Michael Heizer's shaped abysses, which plunge through the floor (North, East, South, West, 1967/2002); the winding and unwinding spatial phenomenology of Serra's "Torqued Ellipses"; Fred Sandback's ambient diagrams; Gerhard Richter's huge gray panels (divided into pairs by Newmanesque zips), which reflect the gallery, the spectator, and each other in their polished surfaces (Six Gray Mirrors, 2003).
It is] from McLaren [that] I learned that exploring film technique cannot be dissociated from artistic creation.