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Synonyms for dissociate

dissociate yourself from something or someone


  • break away from
  • part company with
  • break off relations with
  • have nothing more to do with
  • sever connections with
  • end relations with

Synonyms for dissociate

to remove from association with

Synonyms for dissociate

to undergo a reversible or temporary breakdown of a molecule into simpler molecules or atoms

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The revised act (7) describes the rights, obligations, and legal status of dissociated members.
Murat Ucer, the Turkish economy as well as many other developing economies dissociated themselves from other world economies based on their strong performance.
However, prosecuting lawyer Neil Connor had declared to the jury: "He wasn't an elf or in some dissociated state - he was Robert Boyd, a person who committed robbery on December 14, 2005.
As silver ions dissociated from the nitrate, they settled onto the semiconductor.
The President's Daughter, which premieres February 17 at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, wrestles with the dissociated American psyche and the paradox of racism that could permit men like the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond to pioneer segregationist policies while fathering a daughter with his black maid.
As you consider transferential reenactments, think of them as necessary communications, rather than acting out; by analyzing verbally what is communicated through behavior, the patient and therapist initiate a process in which dissociated material becomes encoded in language," Dr.
The tissue is then dissociated into individual cells that are maintained in a serum-free medium supplemented with growth factors, including epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factor-1, and basic fibroblast growth factor.
Second, we should not delude ourselves into believing that the nursing facility, even though in some cases "Edenized" and more homelike, is not an institutional environment conducive to breeding depression; because of the sheer burden of illness and disability it confronts, the nursing home will never be totally dissociated from its institutional status.
By limiting cell-cell contact, dissociated adult brain yields at least two types of cell aggregates.
Hoping to spare the young girl grief, her parents consulted a psychiatrist who advised them to convince Miller that ``love and sex were dissociated.
A 17 July notification signed by Cardinal Ratzinger threatened him with excommunication by August 20, unless he left his "wife," dissociated himself from Moon's sect, and publicly declared obedience to the Pope.
Both companies dissociated themselves from the pranks.
The first-person point of view, which usually makes me want to shoot myself, is so vivid, dissociated, self-aware, and flat-out poetic in its description of day-to-day survival and transcendence that it verges on claustrophobic in its realization of setting, character, and plot.
With its focus on the everyday, the skewed vision of the film perfectly mirrors the dissociated state of the overwhelmed protagonist.