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capable of being divided or dissociated

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As Somer, Altus and Ginzburg (2010) explain, this hypothesis can explain the results of other studies which evaluated alcohol-dependent patients using standard questionnaire and demonstrated low dissociability in this group.
11, 1996) ("Principles of damage computation further support the distinction between, and (implicitly) the dissociability of, punishment-based and deterrence-based damage justifications.
As I announced early on in this paper, my argument has a legal pluralist extension in that the understanding of the law as part of the shared normative experience of the participants in a community necessarily leads to a thesis about the dissociability of law from the state, and a belief that this dissociation can be achieved.
1992) and MacLeod and MacDonald (2000) contend that this dissociability suggests that interference and facilitation are not caused by the same process (e.
This is the underlying phenomenon being studied under many different guises in evolutionary biology, including such areas as dissociability in development, morphological integration, developmental constraints, biological versatility, fluctuating asymmetry, the Baldwin effect, epistasis, canalization, heterochrony, genetic variance/covariance matrices, identification of quantitative trait loci, and the adaptive landscape.