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Synonyms for dissipate

Synonyms for dissipate

to cause to separate and go in various directions

to disappear by or as if by rising

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to use up foolishly or needlessly

Synonyms for dissipate

to cause to separate and go in different directions

spend frivolously and unwisely

live a life of pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption

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The researchers tested several scour countermeasure configurations, including various wing wall angles, use of pile dissipators (vertical array of circular piles buried just below the channel bed), and the Maryland Standard Plan as a scour countermeasure design.
Within the bunker fuel additives segment, the enforcement of a specified regional limit in the Baltic Sea Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) is expected to result in the increased use of lubricants and conductivity improvers/static dissipators.
List of keywords in this press release: automotive fuel additives, marine fuel additives, gasoline additives, diesel additives, bunker fuel additives, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, environmental legislations, marine fuels, fuel formulation, sulphur emissions, Directive 94/12/EC, Directive 98/69/EC, Directive 2003/17/EC, original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, fuel producers, lubricant, conductivity improver, static dissipators, crude oil, low-grade fuel, octane improvers, antioxidants additives, anticorrosion additives, deposit control additives, Baltic Sea Sulphur Emission Control Area, Sulphur Emission Control Area, SECA, specialty chemicals, additive manufacturers, formulators
The population gradually becomes physically less efficient as the producers of wealth--morally so from idleness--politically worthless as having few desires to satisfy, and noxious as dissipators of capital accumulated.
Some special structures also suffered atypical damage, such as excessive rotation of a skew bridge on pin-ended columns and the loss of seismic energy dissipators in a cable-stayed bridge, because of the failure of a wind shoe, a device to control bridge sway.