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Synonyms for dissipate

Synonyms for dissipate

to cause to separate and go in various directions

to disappear by or as if by rising

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to use up foolishly or needlessly

Synonyms for dissipate

to cause to separate and go in different directions

spend frivolously and unwisely

live a life of pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption

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The typical early result was immediate burn-in above 1,000 V DC, the loss of all static dissipative characteristics and the creation of a test specimen with a volume resistivity of 1E2 [ohm]-cm or less.
The samples had slightly different resistance values which accounts for the difference in walking voltage, especially when using the footwear or shoe grounding devices with dissipative properties.
The dissipative heating effect in the capillary flow, which is inherently difficult to be quantitatively characterized, can be evaluated by the finite element method (FEM) (13), (14).
Taking it into account that a turning system is weakly dissipative, and the frequency range of the disturbances is limited, it is possible, within the framework of linearized dynamic models, to accomplish the estimation of the equivalence of the passage from the global system to the model of small dimensionality, which in the present study was carried out by the numerical methods of search employing the procedure of prof.
Our research work on the area of interaction for each of the elementary dissipative processes can be pivotal in the development of advanced materials for various industries such as defense or energy.
The FlexStat Static Dissipative Hose features a seven-strand copper ground wire embedded in a static dissipative thermoplastic polyurethane alloy, which uses an inherently dissipative polymer system to provide clean, permanent ESD protection.
Universal Cover Tape 2688, Static Dissipative, reportedly prevents product damage and loss resulting from static charges.
stresses related to a generalized strain energy, and dissipative stresses, which are assumed to be linear in strain velocities.
Tools for numerical predictions of forest growth and development, multidimensional modeling, numerical site classification, and detection of dissipative forest structure are complex equations of growth of diameter structure:
The goal in controlling ESD is not to eliminate the charge, but to reduce and dissipate it away from the product and to the ground in a controlled manner through the use of wrist straps and static dissipative garments and gloves.
Polymer Materials With Electrostatic Dissipative Properties: No.
In the world of ESD prevention, dissipative materials play a critical role.
The optical-quality glass magnifier has a multi-layer conductive coating, and all steel parts are coated with static dissipative varnish.
Modern experiments have confirmed the existence of Kozyrev's transaction of the dissipative processes, which is understood now as manifestation of macroscopic nonlocality.