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Synonyms for dissipate

Synonyms for dissipate

to cause to separate and go in various directions

to disappear by or as if by rising

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to use up foolishly or needlessly

Synonyms for dissipate

to cause to separate and go in different directions

spend frivolously and unwisely

live a life of pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption

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Finally, we prove a theorem on the completeness of the system of eigenvectors and associated vectors of dissipative operators in Section 4.
The article focuses on the degree or level of localization in nanoscale dissipative interactions.
23 -- Flexaust has unveiled a new static dissipative hose, FlexStat CR, for food and pharmaceutical clean rooms that reduces the potential for explosions involved with pneumatic conveying and powder processing.
Static Paint[R] Static Dissipative, FDA compliant paint resists oils, grease, foodstuffs and detergents.
In some cases, however, there will be a switch at a threshold energy flow rate from conductive flows to less frictional convective flows during which a dissipative structure will be formed that uses some of the free energy to maintain itself (Benard, 1900).
Universal Cover Tape 2688, Static Dissipative, reportedly prevents product damage and loss resulting from static charges.
During a refurbishment of the powder recovery plant, it was recommended by contractor Industrial Flooring Solutions that a new electrostatic dissipative resin floor was installed, in order to prevent combustion accidents that can be caused by working around fine powders.
The authors discuss how clusters are used as dissipative structures, and how they are subsequently interrelated with fluctuation-free volume models, percolation systems and the Anharmonicity Concept.
Polymer Materials With Electrostatic Dissipative Properties: No.
In the world of ESD prevention, dissipative materials play a critical role.
The optical-quality glass magnifier has a multi-layer conductive coating, and all steel parts are coated with static dissipative varnish.
BVH White is a lightweight highly compressible all-plastic crush-resistant hose; and SDH white and clear hose are static dissipative.
A parallel quaternion-based dissipative particle dynamics (QDPD) program has been developed in Fortran to study the flow properties of complex fluids subject to shear.
The DS-Q2 Series pink static dissipative polyethylene caps provide consistent surface resistivity of [10.