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Synonyms for dissimulate

to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

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hide (feelings) from other people

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Resnick (1997) questioned these results because (a) successful dissimulators were not included in the statistics, and (b) the low prevalence in non-forensic settings most likely reflected clinical failure to suspect malingered behavior.
In the second part, Nicholas and Alison join forces as mutual seducers, so to speak, since Alison is now as willing as Nicholas to engage in lovemaking, and as dissimulators (Alison cooperates in the deception) to maneuver John, a victim, out of the way.
When we look back up at the top of the diagram, we realize how it reveals Alison's process of learning about dissimulation and of changing from a passive potential victim to an active dissimulator and degrader.
Rural Rides is a journey replete with dry fogs, a Wen, a tax-eating Thing, the maintenance of a diary/Day Book against those who would suspend it, a parasitical class indistinguishable from a host with whom it enjoys an incestuous relationship, and dissimulators in the Devil's printing house who forge paper money "tickets" of redemption.