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concealing under a false appearance with the intent to deceive

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Gallus is not the supreme ruler of the Roman empire, (10) he lacks Domitian's dissimulative skill, and his looks and behaviour make him rather more obvious than Statius's complex and multi layered emperor.
Their demons of fate roam in the dissimulative shape of those invidious forms of disenchantment that T.
The fact that Wesley, even in spite of his knowledge that theatricality was a potential danger, still grounded his understanding of religious truth in the body might disclose that he did not think of outward action as inherently dissimulative.
The refusal of anti-choice activists to identify themselves as part of the anti-choice movement is arguably a dissimulative tactic and a surprisingly effective one.
To drive home this point, Javitch records the differences between De oratore and Il cortegiano as a list of oppositions: while the orator "fights" in the forum, the courtier plays parlor-games at court; while the orator seeks to please an audience in order to persuade them to moral action, the courtier aims merely to please and gain favour; while the orator is populist, the courtier is elitist, and while the orator tries to communicate lucidly, the courtier entertains his audience with dissimulative display.