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concealing under a false appearance with the intent to deceive

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Bates identifies the dissimulative nature of court culture with the New Historicist fascination with the public sphere (351).
While her immediate audience is drugged into acceptance of a dazzlingly clever, dissimulative Helen, loyal to their cause and enamoured once again of her first husband, we readers pause, puzzled and we try to make sense of her tale: how did this beggar Odysseus come to be received at the Trojan court and bathed by none other than Helen herself?
Accordingly, if Belpoliti's own relationship to Levi's legacy can be characterized as dissimulative, during his second visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex, he also exhibits some degree of anxiety regarding the possibility of a testimony more linked to Baudrillard's second term, simulation.
Gallus is not the supreme ruler of the Roman empire, (10) he lacks Domitian's dissimulative skill, and his looks and behaviour make him rather more obvious than Statius's complex and multi layered emperor.
By covert is meant "the techniques of finding things out by various concealed, dissimulative, or surreptitious activities .
Their demons of fate roam in the dissimulative shape of those invidious forms of disenchantment that T.
Thus, local contexts are denied, however unwittingly, and their historicity and "natives" are deprived of their agency, notwithstanding the deployment of an impressive arsenal of dissimulative tropes.