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Adept as she was, in all the arts of cunning and dissimulation, the girl Nancy could not wholly conceal the effect which the knowledge of the step she had taken, wrought upon her mind.
Nothing, only add how ardently I long for the time when I may call her mine, and all dissimulation may be unnecessary.
The plain, frank kindness of the honest schoolmaster, the affectionate earnestness of his speech and manner, the truth which was stamped upon his every word and look, gave the child a confidence in him, which the utmost arts of treachery and dissimulation could never have awakened in her breast.
000) dirhams, toute personne convaincue de fraude fiscale dans les cas suivants : - delivrance ou production de factures fictives ; - production d'ecritures comptables fausses ou fictives ; - vente sans factures de maniere repetitive ; - soustraction ou destruction de pieces comptables legalement exigibles ; - dissimulation de tout ou partie de l'actif de la societe ou augmentation frauduleuse de son passif en vue d'organiser son insolvabilite.
000 constats d'infraction pour plus de 40 milliards de dinars de dissimulation du chiffre d'affaires, alors que 24.
While it is impossible to know to what extent that colossal blunder, with all its hubris and dissimulation, contributed to today's turmoil, we know that it played a part.
In her analysis, Lee simultaneously decries culture of poverty approaches while suggesting that when faced with the possibility of having to publicly criticize the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, African American abstention was a tactical decision whereas Puerto Rican reluctance was due to an alleged "art of dissimulation," (p.
This consultation relates to the work of electrification works, electronic communication equipment, public lighting, renewable energy and mastery of electricity demand networks to perform on the Gard department, which apply to strengthen security operations, extension, dissimulation.
Taqiya is the Shi'ite religious rationale for concealment or dissimulation in political or worldly affairs.
He received this tribute on his death in 1244: "He was an upright man without dissimulation, free open and devoid of pride, his behaviour endeared him to all with whom he had dealings and the charities he bestowed were well chosen and well timed and they added to his reputation.
Koc's literature review shows that in English articles GE-len is portrayed as a danger to the Western world who is trying to establish an Islamic caliphate by using religiously sanctioned dissimulation (taqiyya) as his main strategy, although there are exceptions.
Egypt's position under Morsi is not up to him, while his regime exercises blatant political dissimulation.
Une exigence qui devrait, selon le quotidien, donner lieu a des discussions "difficiles" avec l'Autriche et le Luxembourg, "derniers bastions de la dissimulation des revenus du Vieux Continent", d'autant plus que "Vienne et Luxembourg ont prevenu: elles accepteront davantage de transparence lorsque les places financieres situees hors de l'UE -Suisse, Monaco, Liechtenstein- s'y seront aussi engagees".
Even so, these roots often prove to be tenacious and deep, intertwining with other threads of contemporary experience (not only diasporic or necessarily Indian) such as transculturation, delocalization, assimilation, and dissimulation to create a "staggeringly large and wide-ranging" breadth of subject matter and poetic concerns and styles.
Were the subject less serious, the dissimulation would be laughable.