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In another example of the discourse of dissimulation, the duke of Milan decides to proceed cautiously in his pursuit of Blanca, just in case Carlos is trying to deceive him:
While addressing the influence of sumptuary laws, increased social mobility, and a wider availability of luxury items on fashion during the period, Paulicelli looks at both works in the context of the contemporaneous genres of costume and conduct books and shows how Vecellio and Franco not only document but also participate in the dissimulation inherent in fashion by using dress to shape their representations of historical events and figures.
In an opinion piece, former SNB president, Jean-Pierre Roth, wrote, 'It is an illusion to think that criminality or tax evasion will be reduced by withdrawing high-denomination banknotes, because other means of settlement or alternative forms of dissimulation will be found.
What we got here is the contrivance of a false appearance of Saudi virtue, while concealing real character and inclinations, especially with respect to the ongoing War on Terror; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretense, and sham.
Managing Invisibility: Dissimulation and Identity Maintenance Among Alevi Bulgarian Turks
My favourite chapter, entitled 'The calabash behind the calabash behind the calabash', brilliantly addresses Samburu notions and practices of 'respect' (nkanyi), showing that maintaining respect is a balancing act involving dissimulation and deception, display and disguise, and that the emphasis on respect, cooperation and altruism may express the difficulties in maintaining these ideals rather than the necessity of following them.
Taqiyya" in Arabic, dissimulation is a pragmatic principle in some Muslim practices, a form of deception concerning one's religious convictions that is permissible if honesty threatens to subject the believer to imminent harm and injury.
He received this tribute on his death in 1244: "He was an upright man without dissimulation, free open and devoid of pride, his behaviour endeared him to all with whom he had dealings and the charities he bestowed were well chosen and well timed and they added to his reputation.
Le parti salafiste Hizb Ettahrir, a rendu public, vendredi, un communique dans lequel il affirme que [beaucoup moins que] alors que les Tunisiens souffrent des difficultes de la vie, de l'augmentation des taxes et impots, de la hausse des prix et de la deterioration de la situation, les gouvernants de la revolution et de la fausse legitimite, poursuivent la dissimulation des richesses et des ressources du pays dont profitent les compagnies du mecreant colonisateur, notamment la Grande-Bretagne et la France [beaucoup plus grand que].
Koc's literature review shows that in English articles GE-len is portrayed as a danger to the Western world who is trying to establish an Islamic caliphate by using religiously sanctioned dissimulation (taqiyya) as his main strategy, although there are exceptions.
More original are an essay on the life of women in Havana and another on Protestants in the nineteenth-century Hispanic Caribbean, a subject on which Martinez-Fernandez has made an important contribution by examining the presence of large numbers of Protestants in Puerto Rico, and the techniques of pretense and dissimulation that allowed them to survive and sometimes flourish in an intolerant religious environment.
Even so, these roots often prove to be tenacious and deep, intertwining with other threads of contemporary experience (not only diasporic or necessarily Indian) such as transculturation, delocalization, assimilation, and dissimulation to create a "staggeringly large and wide-ranging" breadth of subject matter and poetic concerns and styles.
Les mis en cause sont poursuivis pour "non denonciation d'un crime et dissimulation de biens obtenus suite a un crime pour financer des actes terroristes".
Following these two articles on the Novelas ejemplares, we offer two essays involving the representation of Islam--and, in particular, the concept of taqiyya (the permissible dissimulation of Christianity by a devout Muslim)--in Cervantes's work.
Were the subject less serious, the dissimulation would be laughable.