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to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

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hide (feelings) from other people

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It is memory of the "a-chronic" essentia implicated by, and dissimulated in, the existentia.
8) Contrary to Hamlet, where the "play within the play" revealed precisely the dissimulated truth, the "film-inside-the-film" in Reenactment represents a revealed lie, a deconstructed simulacrum: not only do the people placed in front of the camera "lose spontaneity" and produce an "imperfect" reality, but the mere fact of pushing them to an act of manipulation, of "doctored" reality, reveals the image's complicity with the person who records on tape.
the establishment used for the exploitation of gaming, even if such activity is dissimulated.
Like the caliphs of Baghdad, who dissimulated their sovereignty under a merchant's cape, the star travels 'incognito,' supreme ostentation of simplicity.
Or rather, they assume diffuse, little visible, banal, subtle, dissimulated configurations; therefore, such practices are sometimes devalued and not recognised by the victims themselves, because they understand them as socially legitimate.
Maybe it is dissimulated in the lines and coins of the soldier.
It is as if her face became the residual, the container of the nothingness dissimulated by her layers of protective secrecy" (208).
The management of accounting data leading to the publication of improved financial statements, whether manipulations or fraud, is more easily dissimulated in an environment that is characterized by rapid change.
And as for Lacan, Rogozinski sees the "truth of the ego" dissimulated (8) and thereby forfeiting its own presence.
It is fitting that the writer conclude in this work that painters, musicians, or poets spend their lives in search of the priceless and the dissimulated, and that the illusions to which they leave us heir do not alleviate our own personal search for answers to our questions.
68) The trick involved is dissimulated by a second artifice of education and rhetoric (69) turning justice into something valued in itself.
I don't think so, the German traveler dissimulated, waving a pair of faded terry-cloth briefs that had emerged from behind the spare tire, in front of the curious Mennonite's nose.
The Formalists perceived that fictional narrative is primarily driven by the dictates of art (however they might be conceived), and that its conformity to a logic of representation is always in some sense dissimulated.
76) about the Spanish court in which a certain Alonso implied that a noble woman was a prostitute, saying: "although what Alonso said to signora Boadilla does touch a little on chastity, it does not displease me, because i t is done in an offhand way and is so veiled that it can be understood on the face of it, so that he could have dissimulated and claimed he did not mean it in that way.
Mexicanness," for example, is characterized by Octavio Paz as a dissimulated Nobody,