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to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

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hide (feelings) from other people

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Another fatwa discussed was addressed in the early sixteenth century by the North African jurist al-Wahrani to Moriscos who had been forced to convert to Christianity, presumably in the former Kingdom of Granada, and allows them to dissimulate in order to maintain their belief while avoiding punishment by Christian authorities.
The British government's strategy is the same in every case: deny, dissimulate, and delay.
During numerous police interviews over the years, Benny has come to have an affinity for the police and, not only that, but has picked up skills peculiar to politicians: he can dissemble and dissimulate with the best of them.
Just as Olsen exhibits the plagiarist's exploitation of the "text" of another, so does Helga exhibit the plagiarist's inclination to dissimulate in order to be accepted.
As she does in resisting a part in the play, Fanny goes beyond silent thoughts to articulate her reasons, though her uncle's pressure also forces her to dissimulate, or to state only a partial explanation.
Any reader who follows politics should know that the rhetoric provided by political leaders has many purposes: to hide, conceal, manipulate, placate, dissimulate, and on.
The moral is that no idea can be so sensitive that we must dissimulate about it and refuse to address it.
Bashir) used the state apparatus not only to commit massive crimes but also to dissimulate them, and therefore facilitate their continuation," ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the U.
We all have a facade, we all dissimulate, and we all get stuck keeping up an image.
We discover that what books say serves to dissimulate, to camouflage (a fashionable word) a mediocre, accommodating life.
Of the "why," though, he knows a great deal: human nature compels us to defect, to deceive, to dissimulate.
6) In his analysis of Butler, Michael O'Driscoll attends to the disservice done both to gender and to the figure of "the archive" when we "eradicate [the] process of materialization--from either the standpoint of a crude materialism or a radical constructivism" (286): that is, we "deny critical access to those effects that are the workings of power" (286) when we dissimulate the archive of fashion statements from which we draw.
1 has gone astray--that its real failure was a failure to dissimulate.
The urge to dissimulate into nature is felt prominently in poems such as "Four Messages," "Notes from a Secret Prophecy," and "Studies for an Estuary," where the body is a border between the human and nature, and nature itself has a reality which is inchoate and compelling behind its surface.
After his assassination, Domitian's blush became known as a mark of his angry temperament and his attempts to dissimulate this.