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a linguistic process by which one of two similar sounds in a word becomes less like the other

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breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy

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This process of dissimilation as well as the usage of original ways of spelling of a given borrowing might have been brought about by an increased popularity of English among Poles, their raised language awareness, cultural contact via the modern media (with commercials laden with English brand names), and, last but not least, the phenomenon of re-borrowing of certain lexical items, frequently in a new meaning and also in an original orthographic form.
However, it can also support the scenario of a dissimilation process and of the lasting influence on the Rmet of ancient networks and technical specialisation that were once related to metal production.
The pre-eminence of the Hazratbal shrine as the principal shrine of Kashmir drawing devotees from all across the region added to wider propagation and dissimilation of this new architectural style.
Haplological dissimilation at distinct stages of exponence.
Linguists ofen employ the umbrella term "accommodation" to include assimilation, dissimilation, co-articulation, and other forms of articulation change stemming from environmental conditions.
The different translations of the Bible into Chinese have definitely helped the dissimilation and spread of the word of God, but there was little room for creative interpretation of the Bible cross-textually, as the text's doctrinal framework before it arrived on the shore of China largely dictated how the Bible should be understood.
Thus we can have a better empathy and appreciation of the dissimilation and reception of literature in a different country.
Her topics are fortifying invisibility for empowerment in the face of disempowering structural invisibilities, epistemological and ethical issues around open methods for researching hidden populations, retaining minority identity while pretending to be part of the majority, externalizing Alevism from the Bulgarian Turkish group, Alevi Bulgarian Turks' self-perceptions of the Alevi ways, dissimulation as in-your-face disguise, and dissimilation and assimilation.
THE AMERICA OF OUR DAY is an engine of dissimilation, substantially as a result of government.
What is most important in Kreutzwald's T4, is also the general characteristic of the trochaic four-footed verse - here we can see the dissimilation of the indices of syllables of the second and the third duration between the even and odd positions: in even positions the second duration is preferred, in odd position the third.
Le tribunal a retenu contre le mis en cause l'accusation d'assassinat premedite et dissimilation de preuves de crime, et l'a condamne a la peine capitale.
Moreover, the extent and degree of commercialization is also a crucial assessment criterion which cannot be neglected, as over commercialization of tourism development would undoubtedly lead to the extinction and dissimilation of traditional culture in these two cultural heritage sites.
In phonology, phonotactics has been used as a basis of classifying unusual segments (Francois 2010), proposing new theories of dissimilation and root co-occurrence restrictions (Berg 1989, Coetzee & Pater 2008, Harlow 1991, Mester 1986, Uhlenbeck 1950), and documenting language-internal pressures that motivate phonological processes (Blust 2007).