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a linguistic process by which one of two similar sounds in a word becomes less like the other

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breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy

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Because of the two subsequent glides *u and two subsequent rounded back vowels *u in *vurulauka-, the initial *v was probably undergoing an early dissimilation (even before the short u), but the process was not yet complete.
We can add here that the dissimilation between the second and the third duration is not so clear in Koidula's T4 as it is in Kreutzwald's: in positions a1 and [[alpha].
1998), to assess the relationship between N assimilation and dissimilation by soil microbial biomass (Dijkstra et al.
3-HPA is not an end product of the bacterial glycerol dissimilation, but an intermediate compound that must be trapped by semicarbazide, which reduces its toxic affect on living cells and prevents its further reduction to 1,3-PDO, increasing the yield of 3-HPA production (Abeles et al.
He concludes this illuminating chapter by examining "female characters as they become earwitnesses to male rumors" and other acts of linguistic dissimilation in Cymbeline and All's Well That Ends Well (24).
In the final chapter, Fruhauf concludes her persuasive explication of the role played by the organ and its music in the development of Reform Judaism, and in representing the complex processes of German Jewish assimilation and dissimilation.
The 15 topics here include quantity dissimilation in East Slavic, tradition versus innovation in the New Ukrainian Standard Language of 1798, the status of discourse makers as Balkanisms in South Slavic, semantic motivations for aspectual clusters of Russian verbs, the classification of Macedonian proverbs in an electronic database, and the grammar of oral narrative in the Povest' vremennykh let.
The microbiological dissimilation of phenolic derivatives has been extensively studied and the major catabolic pathways of these compounds to common cellular metabolites have been clarified [2,3,4,].
During anaerobic treatment of such wastes, complete utilization or dissimilation results in release of organically-bound sulphur as a sulphate ion, but under anaerobic treatment, sulphur is generally released as sulfide.
In the third and fifth examples above, dissimilation has caused /j/ to
2]), aromatic hydrocarbon dissimilation (Naphthalene > C[O.
ruanc vs Hz runanc (Berger 2008:57, who apud Anderson 1997: 1035, gives it however as an example of dissimilation of nasals).
All target organisations are to be gradually realigned ideologically in accordance with the principles of Islamism and jihadism, using whatever tactics of proselytising, re-education, subversion, manipulation, deception and dissimilation are required.
Sign language research has gone through phases of assimilation to and dissimilation from spoken languages, as research emancipated itself over the decades (Woll 2003).
the same place of articulation between [n] and [d], which may cause either assimilation or dissimilation according to the phonetic sequence in each context.