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Synonyms for dissimilar

Synonyms for dissimilar

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Synonyms for dissimilar

not similar


not alike or similar


marked by dissimilarity

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Grandparents and grandchildren give dissimilarly to basic needs-related organizations.
Dissimilarly, application of nocodazole extensively disassembled microtubule structures with diffuse [beta]-tubulin staining dispersed throughout the cytoplasm (Fig.
Each subcategory of social capital may influence corruption dissimilarly as a consequence of its character and process of improvement.
David Hesmondhalgh (2013), not dissimilarly, locates sport among the 'peripheral' cultural industries, a borderline case that cannot be included within the 'core' because it is not regarded as 'based upon the industrial production and circulation of texts, and [which are] centrally reliant on the work of symbol creators' (p.
While I intend to highlight the similarities between Martha and Kathy (which will inevitably reveal parallels between Jimmy and John), it is important to note that not only do the characters meet different ends, but their stories begin dissimilarly as well.
Dissimilarly, the HFWG operator is applicable to aggregate the elements that are correlative and lack compensation with each other.
2) Commentators also have frequently opined that despite patent law's nominal uniformity across different technologies or industries, (3) disclosure and definiteness are applied dissimilarly by courts to different technologies and industries.
This intensional unity is not found in names of resemblance, since the entire manifold of dissimilarly similar names of resemblance fail to share in any central meaning that is universal to all shared names of resemblance.
Thus, it entails similar events being accounted for similarly and dissimilar events being accounted for dissimilarly.
The entire family behaves not dissimilarly at home; two of the six children have the same first name.
To its credit, public choice theory provides a unified conception of self-interest, insisting that it is the key motive driving economic and political actors alike, albeit dissimilarly (mostly a positive factor in markets, but mostly a negative one in politics).
The Internet is regulated dissimilarly from conventional media and other public policy spheres, highlighting multi-stakeholder involvement and agreement, while shunning intergovernmental agreements and state-controlled governance of the type identified in telecommunications and broadcasting.
Culture bearers (musicians from a particular culture) or experts can be used as a resource of authentic practice in inter-contextualisation, as music of one culture can be understood dissimilarly by members of another culture or not understood at all.