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Synonyms for dissimilar

Synonyms for dissimilar

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Synonyms for dissimilar

not similar


not alike or similar


marked by dissimilarity

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While some black Americans may deem themselves too American to cover, and conceive themselves as dissimilarly situated as compared with voluntary immigrant groups, a pragmatic approach to covering nevertheless offers a route to improving black circumstances for those who would choose to adopt the tactic.
It is possible that principals at different levels would respond dissimilarly to varied types of information.
Unfortunately, we are left with similarly situated individuals being treated quite dissimilarly throughout the nation.
Not dissimilarly, they recommended that injured workers be subjected to work capacity reviews after 130, rather than 104, weeks of incapacity (ibid: 100, 112).
armed force; they are dissimilarly placed vis-a-vis the jus ad bellum.
Dissimilarly, our society respects its women more than any society, and if there are some people who don't; through enlightenment and education they will correct their mistakes if there are any.
The virtue of political struggle stems, in part, from the quality of collective engagement between similarly and dissimilarly positioned social actors.
This method performs a combination of mathematical and morphological operations on a digitized image to analyze and separate areas of solder paste texture from other dissimilarly textured non-paste areas on a PCB or stencil.
Not dissimilarly, schools of social work in the United States have exhibited a marked degree of self-restraint when marketing themselves, tending to emphasize their focus on individual and clinical practice and to blur their teaching of macro practice, to avoid deterring potential contributors (Corvo, Selmi, & Montemaro, 2003).
Ripley, Worthington, and Berry (2001) indirectly explored client expectations of prayer by conducting the only published study to date on potential clients' desires for similarly religious or dissimilarly religious therapists.
The last instalment begins not dissimilarly to any other, when the CID squad are called to the scene of a murder.
The completed solution will provide secure cross-boundary access, dynamic discovery and sharing of information and knowledge in real-time across dissimilarly classified networks.
On this issue, however, and not dissimilarly to its approach to Herceptin, it is failing in its brief.
Not dissimilarly, humans moving to a new setting show an urge to personalise as one of their first activities, getting familiar furniture and pictures placed and going about familiar routines.