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Synonyms for dissimilar

Synonyms for dissimilar

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Synonyms for dissimilar

not similar


not alike or similar


marked by dissimilarity

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The gender gap in wages is a concise statistic for gender dissimilarities in work.
Gender dissimilarities in wage-related features give a reason for the inferior wages earned by women at the bottom of the wage allotment.
She investigates the similarities and dissimilarities in their theoretical constructs and their policy advice, with a particular focus on how each approached the issue of whether a collective body behaves more efficiently than an individual one and the ways each understood the monetary character of a decentralized market economy and the implications of their differing perspectives for the issue of uncertainty and expectations.
In that sense, as the global index can be expressed as the average of the scale indices it would not be useful when there are dissimilarities for some but not all of the scales, as this mean value would misrepresent all of them.
Dissimilarities of a categorical variable with three possible responses C(x.
To determine whether shell length and or habitat dissimilarities were potentially correlated with abalone distribution data from our first set of surveys, two additional tests were used.
Specifically, the need of indices founded on dissimilarities has been suggested to study group performance (Cooke, Salas, Cannon-Bowers, & Stout, 2000).
Jan Reynolds' concerns with cultural anthropology and her wish to show similarities rather than dissimilarities between a variety of peoples are laudable but a lightness of touch and more dynamic writing would have made for a far more appealing book.
These pairs of photographs enhance the commonalities and dissimilarities often overlooked in the cycles of time.
A call to NuLine Guns (573/676-5500) might provide additional information regarding any similarities and dissimilarities and enable you to proceed.
The dissimilarities can strangely enough be characterized as the difference between Speedy Gonzalez and Mickey Mouse, or between Diego Rivera and Norman Rockwell, or Jose Trespatines and Perry Mason.
The basic idea is that two sentences are in a paraphrase relation if they have many similarities (at lexico-semantic and syntactic levels) and few or no dissimilarities.
Hamann--is the number of similarities minus dissimilarities divided by the total number of observations or variables