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Synonyms for dissimilar

Synonyms for dissimilar

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Synonyms for dissimilar

not similar


not alike or similar


marked by dissimilarity

References in classic literature ?
There are even dissimilar views among the States as to the general principle of discharging the public debt.
These examples, which are nearly as dissimilar to each other as to a genuine republic, show the extreme inaccuracy with which the term has been used in political disquisitions.
The medium of exchange upon Mars is not dissimilar from our own except that the coins are oval.
She was dressed, like all the rest, in a dark stuff gown and a white collar; her features were dissimilar to any there, not so rounded, more defined, yet scarcely regular.
It was, let us remark in passing, a singular fate for the Church of Notre-Dame at that epoch to be so beloved, in two different degrees, and with so much devotion, by two beings so dissimilar as Claude and Quasimodo.
And not only did Borckman sense it, but it served as a spur to drive him back into primitive beastliness, and to fight to master this puppy as a primitive man, under dissimilar provocation, might have fought with the members of the first litter stolen from a wolf-den among the rocks.
Aunt Plenty was utterly dissimilar, being a stout, brisk old lady, with a sharp eye, a lively tongue, and a face like a winter-apple.
A friction stir welding (FSW) is normally used to join two similar or dissimilar laps or butt joints for alloys and/or materials.
Technip's personnel would be working with KOC staff, as per the contract, in a range of dissimilar services, covering project management, feasibility studies, front-end design, project controls, planning, procurement and construction management.
For those of racially dissimilar backgrounds from their colleagues, the study discovered some of the discomfort comes from discussions during these social events that often times highlight differences between the groups.
Results showed that a higher number of dissimilar types and certain types contributed to lower scores in child psychological adjustment.
Development of sound joints between dissimilar materials is a very important consideration for many emerging applications including the ship building, aerospace, transportation, power generation, chemical, nuclear and electronics industries [5].
The Model 350 is a versatile, multi-purpose continuous blender utilizing a modification of company's unique, dissimilar speed, Double Concentric Auger Mechanism (and "Inter-Auger-Action") for the highly efficient mixing of dry solids with dry solids and, in certain applications, dry solids with liquids.
Abstract: When performing dissimilar joints on sheets many problems appear, having implications on their quality and the possibility to appear stresses and strains.
The manufacture and application of innovative dissimilar material joints with specific characteristics require continuous development of the joining technology.