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Synonyms for dissidence

Synonyms for dissidence

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In the history of discourse there has always been a crucial role for dissidence and contestation even with the most long-standing and sedimentary discourses in theology, philosophy and the law.
The Sudan Liberation Movement which during the first two year of the conflict was the largest rebel movement in Darfur, is now divided to several groups after the first dissidence of Haskanita conference in May 2005.
This article offers a critical analysis of virtual dissidence within the context of the recent uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.
C'est cet appel a la revolte que la jeunesse tunisienne a decide de rejoindre en faisant de la danse Harlem shake un avis d'adhesion a la dissidence et au refus du nouveau conservatisme que l'on nous promet.
Makdessi's dissidence, or rather his "administrative leave" as it is dubbed by leaders in the regime, fell in the context of the ever-increasing fleeing of officials in the state apparatuses, after they felt the imminent end of a regime which led them to their current positions.
Apparaissant comme acte de dissidence, cet incident est le premier en son genre dans l'histoire de la Confrerie.
The case against the five had been read as a gauge of how the country, which has no tradition of organised political protest, responds to hints of political dissidence after uprisings that have toppled Arab leaders elsewhere.
An incredible story of dissidence and violent suppression within the Hasidic community.
Heavy-handed measures to prevent dissidence may lead, as elsewhere, to more strident demands for change.
Circles of Resistance; Jewish, Leftist, and Youth Dissidence in Nazi Germany, by John M.
Moreover, Iran s nuclear programme is vulnerable to internal dissidence.
Dissidence is again raising its head in the BJP in Karnataka with the national unit of the BJP selecting n Hema Malini as the party candidate for the byelection to the Rajya Sabha seat scheduled for March 3.
Terrorists, especially AQIM's, pose a serious threat to the stability of the Maghreb region, and might make the region's social, human and economic development more difficult and encourage movements of dissidence, he added.
The report carried strong-worded criticism of "violations by security forces, particularly the Internal Security apparatus, which appears to enjoy unlimited authorities to arrest, detain, and interrogate people who are suspected of dissidence or carrying out terrorist-related activities.
The letter urged Ms Marcalo, who is the artistic director of the Instant Dissidence dance theatre in Leeds, to reconsider her plans and warned her of the dangers, which it claimed could even include sudden unexpected death.