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Synonyms for dissidence

Synonyms for dissidence

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Nasser's suppression of political dissidence took place away from the public eye, whereas Sisi has been as public as he has been severe.
La danse du Harlem shake et la vente de bouquets de persil pour defendre la liberte d'expression sont assez significatifs que l'esprit de dissidence et l'utopie revolutionnaire sont encore vivants et constituent une importante garantie quant a l'avenir du processus de transition.
In A Change of Tongue (2003) Antjie Krog seems to move towards a consolidation of her poetics of dissidence and attempts to imagine a South Africa where race may eventually disappear as the most important feature of identity.
Dissidence is a fictional, semi-biographical novel about Le Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F.
only individual contributions are rewarded) may create a level of cognitive dissidence that encourages cowboy behavior and erodes leadership trust.
I saw her as carrying such a fierce independence, almost a dissidence, about her.
Hook negotiated this resurgent Anglicanism and the dissidence of dissent, after some early miscues, to produce a successful vicarage of Leeds that centered in a rebuilt great Gothic church providing "cathedral services,' which promoted Hook's ideal of reverent worship and drew in the poor.
Here's how truly surreal things got: When one journalist at the semi-annual TV Press Tour had the temerity to suggest at a press conference to ``The Surreal World's'' cast that reality TV - and, in particular, ``The Surreal World'' - exists mainly to make its participants look bad, or silly, or risibly frivolous, his observation was greeted with nasty hisses (granted, these came from WB employees, who are paid to bolster folks on the WB payroll and squelch dissidence, from wherever it may come).
Dissidence of dissent, as spoken by exemplary conservative minds, will always reveal the courage to call us back to first principles and to remind us that human existence is meaningless without the living experience of sin and shame.
He said: "Eastwood's made a career of suppressing dissidence.
To identify as gay or lesbian in Cuba," according to Zoe Valdes, a Cuban novelist and poet who now lives in exile, "is to declare political dissidence.
Valiant dissidence is a common trait shared by those who enter Halberstam's more memorable biographical pantheon, such as the civil rights activist John Lewis or John Paton Davies, a China specialist purged from the McCarthy-era State Department.
Didn't want to go there because since my preaching days and that time of dissidence and dissolution I have not been much moved by the words of priests, pastors, radio preachers, or televangelists.
This is an important and challenging book which sheds light on Islamic law and pre-modern attitudes to dissidence and violence.
One can strip the fifties of its illusive aura of dull conformity without inflating cultural dissidence or generational muscle-flexing into political resistance.