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Synonyms for dissever

to separate into parts with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument

to make a division into parts, sections, or branches

Synonyms for dissever

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The meeting points the sacred hair dissever From the fair head, for ever and for ever
By east and west let France and England mount Their battering cannon charged to the mouths, Till their soul-fearing clamours have brawled down The flinty ribs of this contemptuous city: I'd play incessantly upon these jades, Even till unfenced desolation Leave them as naked as the vulgar air: That done, dissever your united strengths, And part your mingled colours once again: Turn face to face, and bloody point to point: Then in a moment Fortune shall cull forth Out of one side her happy minion, To whom in favour she shall give the day, And kiss him with a glorious victory.
It is difficult in the midst of so much bitterness and blind prejudice to dissever the various issues but an attempt may be made.
Finally, it was left to Uttara Natarajan, in her still unchallenged Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense (1998), to argue for taking Hazlitt seriously as a philosopher, and to radically dissever almost all connection with Keats, at least as it was traditionally seen.
Can a Christian who is inclined to dissever modern liberalism from Christianity recognize and critique liberalism's flaws without having to insist upon an alternative social vision that is specifically Christian and a manifestation of Christ's eschatological kingdom?
For man can conceal sin but not dissever from it, So when it is once fixed, it will never be worked loose.
If the governor may select, dissent, and dissever, where is the limit of his right?
disannul, dissever, misdoubt, unravel, unthaw, irregardless.
A gruesome picture indeed, but with significant medieval overtones, for in the same way the purported death-scene photographs further dissever the always photogenic Princess and summon a grisly profit, so too the bodies of saints and holy persons in the Middle Ages could be distributed as relics or enshrined in reliquaries, thereby creating a market for miracle-seekers, pilgrims, and hawkers of all kinds.
He had contrived, or rather he had happened, to dissever himself from the world -- to vanish -- to give up his place and privileges with living men, without being admitted among the dead.
Late English eighteenth-century versions of the tale, however, relocate the political tyranny in the Orient, and tend to dissever it from the female impulse to inquire.