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Closing the clinics due to a law that is ultimately held to be unconstitutional would certainly weigh in favor of the stay disserving the public interest.
for declarations against interest to those statements disserving only of
8) The FCC sought comment on whether each specific rule continued to serve the Commission's goals of diversity, competition, and localism--and if the rule served some purposes while disserving others, whether the balance of the effects argued for maintaining, modifying, or eliminating the rule.
There are numerous areas where CLE is disserving our citizens by training lawyers to represent scum.
In politics, of course, what you see is rarely what you get, but Eisenhower was not actually a good actor, especially when he ad-libbed, disserving himself as a nearly comical bumbler with the English language when in fact he was a lot more literate and sophisticated than his public-speaking style suggested.
Students are evaluated not only for their skills and knowledge, but also for their understanding of the media's role in serving or disserving human understanding and its power and responsibility.
176) McCormick states that within a declaration containing both self-serving and disserving parts, he would "admit the disserving parts of the declaration, and exclude the self-serving parts" at least "where the serving and disserving parts can be severed.
Because only the statements actually against the declarant's interest are trustworthy, "courts are not justified in admitting self-serving statements merely because they accompany disserving statements, and a neutral collateral statement should fare no better.
There is no reason to suppose that competition will seriously erode the first kind of ethical obligation - competitive markets are not notable for disserving their customers.
But none are disgraceful or disserving, and all of them reach a much higher level than the kind of Horatio Alger stuff that generally greeted the last anniversary a hundred years ago.
Her leadership and advocacy for diversity in the workplace and for making the industry more accessible to women has been equally as impressive, so I can't think of anyone who is more disserving of this honor," Lowery added.
He cautions that, without equal doses of objectivity, skepticism, and humility by journalists, reporting of complex issues is too easily reduced to a form of simplistic storytelling that masks truth, thus disserving the public's interest in being informed and the accused's interest in being fairly tried.
Besides offending neighboring countries that Japan needs as allies and trading partners, he is disserving the people he has been pandering to.
The Times criticized the foreign minister for disserving the people he has been pandering to, besides offending neighboring countries that Japan needs as allies and trading partners.