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for declarations against interest to those statements disserving only of
There are numerous areas where CLE is disserving our citizens by training lawyers to represent scum.
Delivering her remarks to more than 500 attendees at the Association's Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, the Luzerne County native said that people "can disagree without being disagreeable" and lawyers can, and must, "serve our clients without disserving each other.
The effect of a broken privilege on our adversary system is a further shift of power to the prosecution, disserving the search for the truth.
176) McCormick states that within a declaration containing both self-serving and disserving parts, he would "admit the disserving parts of the declaration, and exclude the self-serving parts" at least "where the serving and disserving parts can be severed.
Because only the statements actually against the declarant's interest are trustworthy, "courts are not justified in admitting self-serving statements merely because they accompany disserving statements, and a neutral collateral statement should fare no better.
Her leadership and advocacy for diversity in the workplace and for making the industry more accessible to women has been equally as impressive, so I can't think of anyone who is more disserving of this honor," Lowery added.
Besides offending neighboring countries that Japan needs as allies and trading partners, he is disserving the people he has been pandering to.
The Times criticized the foreign minister for disserving the people he has been pandering to, besides offending neighboring countries that Japan needs as allies and trading partners.