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Synonyms for disservice

Synonyms for disservice

an act that is not just

Synonyms for disservice

an act intended to help that turns out badly

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Any commissioner that stays away from the press is doing a disservice to this administration.
Actually, what I said was that the "FDA did an inadequate and irresponsible analysis and it has been a disservice to women.
Saying it was a massacre is a great disservice to the name of those men of valor," he added.
The 39-year-old added: "If you try to negate risk in children's lives, you do them a disservice, because you teach them not to be afraid of risk.
Whoever is leaking information like this to the press is doing a real disservice, Mr.
To send you immediately to prison would be doing you and the public a disservice.
The article seemed to want fans to feel they would be doing Wales a disservice in wanting to play the tie at Ninian Park.
started Hewlett-Packard's computer division before H-P wanted one ("You have done this company a disservice," company cofounder David Packard reportedly told Clay in 1971).
While I was happy to read about ABC's wonderful Ugly Betty in your magazine, focusing on the "is he or isn't he" nature of Betty's younger nephew, Justin, does a disservice to fans of the series and Michael Indelicato, the talented actor who plays him.
He is probably the most precise man on Earth and any distortion of his message, however slight, does a disservice to it.
This does a disservice to those of us who are trying to fill a market demand for a product that consumers want to buy.
In this instance, I feel that Dance Magazine did a disservice to women in dance by creating and disseminating an image that reinforces their marginalization and the objectification of their bodies.
While people have different opinions on transracial adoption--in an ideal world and in the current realities--it would be at least important to agree that being colorblind in a racist and race conscious world is a real disservice to children.
It's so flawed, I frankly consider it an actual disservice to Consumer Reports, which many people rely on for goods and services.
Using it to measure their value to society does a disservice to these vital schools and the work they are doing.