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But limiting such an important evaluation to such an arid and abstract mode of debate would disserve the democratically crucial process of critically engaging with our political culture's ingrained normative precepts.
Medicine's reductionistic habit emphasizes components and episodes, which disserves the reality that most clinical events do not occur de novo but merely represent the moment of recognition in which an attenuated distributed process has become apparent.
Continuing to sublimate these concerns in an ultimately unproductive argument about constitutional first principles disserves us all.
More than that, RTI reflects a concern that classification into special education may not serve some students well and, further, that categorization (into one type of disability) equally disserves some students.
17) That is, the rule should address the majority's criticism of Roberts as too permissive a standard to protect defendants' confrontation rights, and at the same time avoid the rigidity of a bright-line rule that disserves the public by formalistic adherence to procedure without regard to whether it makes any contribution to the discovery of truth.
The reality is that many professional school counselors are of the majority race and presumably have been socialized in the same American, ethnocentric curricula and school system that disserves marginalized students.
But to dismantle the rule rather than reign in the exceptions disserves the policy end set forth in this criticism.
They undermine the quality of public education, which particularly disserves the children of poorer families--and hence many children of minority families--who truly depend on the public schools for a way up in life.
Simply bemoaning the quality of American television disserves us all.
In the pages of Wired magazine, former FCC chairman Reed Hundt (who sliced his share of regulations when he headed the communications authority) chastised current FCC chairman Michael Powell for "abdicating the responsibility Congress has given him," and "its extraordinary lawlessness [which] disserves the country's interests.
And they are all worthy goals, but a statute that serves one often disserves others.
These inconsistent strands of law and economics have created a patchwork of case-law that consistently disserves the interests of African Americans who desire to gain access to higher education or employment at the workplace.
Due to its restrictive nature, however, this step disserves those who arguably have the most compelling need for divorce--the victims of spousal abuse.