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remedies at law, such as monetary relief, are inadequate); (3) the court considers the balance of hardships between the plaintiff and defendant and the balance tips in plaintiffs favor; and (4) public interest would not be disserved by the issuance of a preliminary injunction.
is equally disserved by pro-development dissembling and legal
Latino students, specifically, are disserved by our public education system as they are severely overrepresented in the numbers of students who "drop-out" of high school and are practically invisible in postsecondary graduate and professional programs (Orfield, 2009)--a clear indication that their experiences in educational institutions are vastly different from their White counterparts who do not suffer from the same statistics.
5) There is some tension among them but not a great deal, and they are easily implemented and are disserved by a 511page tome.
Of particular import is factor four: "the public interest would not be disserved by a permanent injunction.
It should not be funded by those few who are disserved.
In such cases my third limitation bars their criminalization: the values disserved by criminalization outweigh the minor good achieved by prohibition and punishment of these small immoralities.
With these concerns in mind, I cannot help but feel the author has been somewhat disserved by his editor in this case.
The interest of the nation has, over the past few decades, been disserved when it happened to clash with the interests of these three centers of power.
defendant; and (4) the public interest would not be disserved by a
fueled resistance to racial desegregation and thus disserved the goal of
What I'm nervous about," he said, "is I think Greenspan has sort of disserved us in the long term.
16) The court reasoned that the goal of achieving judicial economy through the reduction of individual filings "would not be served, and in fact would be disserved, by guaranteeing a separate suit at the same time that a class action [was] ongoing.
In addition, the Board strongly believes that California consumers would be disserved if small firms and sole proprietors were exempted from mandatory peer review as provided by current state statute.
Textualists think the constitutional text is the "touchstone" of constitutional meaning, to quote Justice Frankfurter, (47) so a good textualist will feel the Rule of Law is disserved in abortion cases if the Supreme Court follows Roe v.