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Behavioral-economic principles help explain why the temporary nature of preliminary injunctions can disserve the public interest even when a permanent injunction would not.
Perhaps as notably, parental rights have not been applied in the private-custody context to achieve results that, while doctrinely coherent, would clearly disserve children's interests.
Given what Boonin says about affirmative action in universities, he would have to concede the moral permissibility of racial preferences that disserve any legitimate goal so long as they serve another.
In a statement today, the Parliament Speaker slammed the visit as a flagrant violation of the UAE sovereignty and a blatant provocation which would disserve the Iranian-GCC relations.
On balance, the Court determines that the issuance of a preliminary injunction will not disserve the public interest.
However, the used of inorganic fertilizer for long time caused decrease soil fertility that is disserve for sustainability of soybean production.
Such frequent format changes also disserve the public.
Obviously, encouraging resistance to assimilation is not viable; students will not succeed with a complete disregard for an instructor's comments, and pretending otherwise will certainly disserve the student.
If we give reign to the factors of cold war between the two states of Sudan, we will have set the stage for nihilistic altercations that disserve its parties and attract all the hostilities of the African Horn, the Great Lakes, the Nile Basin, the Red Sea basin, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.
While the notion of a homosexually oriented Hopkins has been a staple of criticism for quite some time, and appropriately so, the extent to which that theme is carried here will disserve anyone trying to understand the poet better.
But last week his lawyer, John Wesley Hall of Little Rock, requested a second continuance, saying Cauley needed still more time to come up with the restitution "because, after sentencing, it will be much harder and most certainly disserve the victims.
Paying attention to public opinion can also disserve constitutional values, including the rule of law.
The facts of Houston make us reluctant to conclude that the bar to a jury trial in a case under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act is jurisdictional, so that a jury trial in a case governed by the Act must be treated as a nullity even if the consequence would be to disserve the Act's purpose.