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An accurate accounting of the religious argument question's stakes for liberal democracy requires a nuanced analysis of how religious argument serves or disserves those functions.
2d at 489-90 (temporary injunction must not disserve the public interest); [section] 542.
42) Many circumstances might be imagined where parental control of medical decisions would disserve their child's interest; refusal of state-required vaccination is the most commonly cited example from the constitutional case-law.
85] Nonetheless, Substantivism has legitimacy in our current legal culture, which is seen in the controversy over "nullification"--which he takes to comprise not merely a jury's power to acquit in the teeth of the law but also judges' power to declare legislation unconstitutional and prosecutors' power not to enforce the law when this would disserve the public interest.
world and its anti-natural paradigm--greatly disserve both students and
Indeed, where face-to-face confrontation causes significant emotional distress in a child witness, there is evidence that such confrontation would in fact disserve the Confrontation Clause's truth-seeking goal.
The Court in Central Bank also noted that "[s]econdary liability for aiders and abettors exacts costs that may disserve the goals of fair dealing and efficiency in the securities markets.
For a judge to instruct the jury, as they now do in England, that a client not taking the stand should create some kind of inference of guilt would absolutely disserve what you think are the interests of truth.
109) What weighed against the issuance of a restraining order, and the factor that ultimately prevailed albeit by a narrow delineative margin, was the fear that the grant of injunctive relief would disserve the public interest.
would badly disserve modern government and its needs, which are far
35) These decisions do nothing to punish or deter misconduct, and they seriously disserve parties who spent far more than $500 or $700 defending against frivolous claims.
George will continue in its unique way to identify who has real political power in this country -- and then go beyond that and explain to its growing audience how those various public figures are using their power to serve the public or disserve it.
If freeing up patients truly is the goal, then assisted suicide's advocates disserve patients when they do not advocate ending the physician's exclusive power to prescribe medication.