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talk at length and formally about a topic

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On the other hand, Cheng (2004) and Fernando and Xu (2012) dissert that CEOs may manage downward all possible expenses to provide a short-term boost to return at the expense of the firm's long-term profitability.
2011) dissert that maintaining an effective internal control system imposes greater costs on (and requires higher levels of effort from) the manager and the firm must therefore grant higher levels of executive compensation to properly incentivize effort-averse managers.
Lhuillery (2006) and Fahlenbrach (2009) dissert that firms with governance practices that are shaped to defend shareholders' rights are more R&D intensive.
Beautiful rose flowers on the periphery of the vegetables gardens are sold to hotels and restaurants for adding favours in their disserts.
Later we see a disillusioned Justice, butting heads with a right-ward-titling Court, writing disserts laced with bitterness.