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talk at length and formally about a topic

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The oral defense of the dissertation is at some universities open to the public, though may be not well attended, and the public are not necessarily allowed to pose questions to the dissertator.
Quick Time and MPEG Movie Player have been used by a number of authors who incorporated video clips into their theses and dissertations, and Sibelius Scorch (23) files were used by at least one dissertator to illuminate orchestration discrepancies in various nineteenth-century editions of Robert Schumann's Symphony in D Minor, op.
As assistant director of the Center and current dissertator, I was excited to both design and participate in the program.
Like Powers, we realized we "could best serve the group by providing time and space for dissertators to shape and embody practices they could carry through the entire dissertation writing process" (14).
As dissertators, they continued to operate from internalized race and gender oppression--that they were not good writers or that they were incompetent because of their race, gender, and language.
It is not as if Makin has been derelict in brushing over these matters, for he has no doubt performed a valuable service for his fellow adepts (the sort of folks who would already have a copy of his critical study Bunting: The Shape of His Verse, on their shelves), as well as for up-and-coming dissertators.