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an opinion that disagrees with the court's disposition of the case

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We were originally supposed to write our dissenting opinion about the justification for not referring [the ex-ministers] to the Constitutional Court.
13) Similarly, John Alder contends that the dissenting opinion helps to ensure equality among the judges such that no point of view is suppressed.
In his dissenting opinion, Chief Judge Jacobs discusses that the majority's reasoning is flawed and that the statements obtained during the course of the interrogation should be deemed admissible.
A dissenting opinion in Japan seldom becomes a majority opinion in later cases because dissenting ustices lose their momentum when more and more ustices join the majority that believes in the binding force of precedents per se, therefore rendering dissenting opinions weaker and weaker.
They include full consensus, broad support with some exceptions and dissenting opinions.
The opinion of the Supreme Court was unanimous, except for that of one dissenting judge, who felt so strongly that the majority had erred, was inspired to write a dissenting opinion of approximately nine pages.
The fact he gave a dissenting opinion, to me, tends to suggest that there are matters here that need to be looked at very, very closely.
Arguing that the close relationship between the two could have disastrous long term effects, "Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power" has a dissenting opinion to the populous, and backs it up well.
Justice Ginsburg, in reflecting on dissents, observed that "with difficult cases on which reasonable minds may divide, sometimes intensely, one's sense of [j]ustice may demand a departure from the majority's view, expressed in a dissenting opinion.
Unchaining the Mind and Radically Changing the World" is a must for any who seek a dissenting opinion for religious studies shelves and for anyone who is disillusioned with their God or gods.
However, Justice Ginsburg joined Justices Breyer, Stevens, and Souter in Part II of the dissenting opinion, which argued that Article 36 of the Vienna Convention grants individual rights to a foreign national that may be invoked in a judicial proceeding, an issue the majority opinion declined to decide.
Unfortunately, you did not publish the dissenting opinion [that appeared on Advocate.
The lack of judicial symmetry on the debt-equity issue was further demonstrated by the fact that it was a two-to-one decision that contained both a concurring and a dissenting opinion.
The sarcasm implicit in the added text of Justice Rivera-Soto's dissenting opinion is unmistakable.