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Synonyms for dissenting

Synonyms for dissenting

disagreeing, especially with a majority

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to the intelligence of a future day, when a later decision may possibly correct the error into which the dissenting judge believes the court to have betrayed' is how justice Khanna described the importance of dissent in the dark days of the emergency in India (1976).
Understanding why judges author concurring or dissenting opinions that do not obtain as law requires some historical mapping; thus, I begin by supplying a brief account of the opinion practices of the Court.
This note will consider three interwoven themes: the jurisprudence of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the role of the dissenting opinion, and the role of women's autonomy in their own bodies as seen through the lens of two specific Supreme Court opinions.
Keen to push through the two key Bills, the government is considering extending the Session by two days as it hopes to overcome final obstacles despite some members dissenting to the Committees' recommendations.
Even though director elections are only advisory in nature, our study indicates that dissenting votes nevertheless have the power to bring about changes at the firm, and have negative cosequences for directors.
Federal Reserve governor or president), the number of dissents by every member who ever cast a dissenting policy vote, and the number and frequency of dissents during the terms of each Federal Reserve Chairman.
This paper does not attempt to provide a broad normative justification for the publication of dissenting opinions.
36) Here, the dissenting Justice assumes that "the decision [] which he opposes will prove to be short lived," (37) or recognizes that the "ruling is definitive only if the four dissenters .
dissenting from denial of certiorari) (internal citations omitted).
COURT'S OPINION: The dissenting judge noted that on March 23, 2002, Catherine Verdier, age 85, suffered a stroke.
ISLAMABAD, April 02, 2010 (Balochistan Times): All the political parties barring PPP have given 23 dissenting notes on 18th amendment draft bill and despite these notes Constitutional Reforms committee report has been approved unanimously by committee.
The thing that means more to me than anything else is being able to transmit to posterity through my decisions, both majority and dissenting, something that will be a guide to the future.
Accordingly, Britain's true cultural identity and progressive vitality should be sought not in Westminster, but in Warrington, the trading town in Northwest England that was the site of the most famous Dissenting academy.
In fact, there are many sound reasons why judges at all levels decide they must provide their dissenting views.
Carper and Hunt have done a remarkable job of properly blending imagination with a supportable presentation of what was in the dissenting tradition.