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someone who spreads the news


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AoOne always hopes that one is going to draw more attention to poetry and get more people to pay attention to it,Ao he said, but added, AoI am not primarily a disseminator.
That seemed to be the point of the collaborative, which bills itself as a "convener of parties interested in education, as a supportive critic of the public schools, as a partner and advocate to the stakeholders concerned with the quality of our schools, as a disseminator of information and best practices, and as an incubator of leaders.
When, in June 2009, General Flynn became the principal producer and disseminator of intelligence for the International Security Forces in Afghanistan (ISFA), he soon realized that intelligence collected for, analyzed within, and disseminated to ISFA consumers contained systemic problems.
ASF will serve as an active change agent for the Arab world through its dual role as knowledge generator and disseminator," he added.
As it happens, the "top" in either of these sex acts is almost never the party at risk of infection or other harm; surely he should be the one bearing these dire tattoos next to that occasional disseminator of ills.
Tafuri refers to the '"elevated", pretentious language serving as instrument of social control and disseminator of dogma' employed by the Roman Church.
Bondeli then considers Ith's direct disciple and fellow disseminator of Kantian doctrines, Philipp Albert Stapfer (1766-1840), who was the author of a philosophy of history occasioned by the rebirth of the Helvetian Republic in 1797 (pp.
Marjorie Perloff ([double dagger]): As an activist and cultural disseminator, Susan Sontag was incomparable.
federal government is the world's largest creator, disseminator, and user of information, the criticality of having a strong policy framework is obvious.
It makes every company a potential point-of-purchase advertiser/seller and news disseminator, bypassing traditional media.
The Government Relations committee acts as a clearinghouse and disseminator of relevant information to members.
A prolific disseminator of ideas, he was one of the first to plead in favour of flexibility of working hours, a theme very much in vogue today.
S/He is an originator, not an implementer; a strategist, not a technician or tactician; and a relationship builder, not an information disseminator.
When an elected official evinces a similar mindset, it becomes downright disturbing, and suggests a final parallel with Leaves of Grass's White House disseminator.
The Internet, with its unique medium characteristics, continues to shine as potentially the greatest global information disseminator of all time.